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Cards are an essential part of Project SEKAI. Five cards comprise a party; this party is used in the rhythm game aspects of the game. All 1☆ cards can be obtained by reading the main stories of each unit. All other rarities of cards can be obtained through gacha, the Event Shop, the Member Exchange Shop, and the Ticket Exchange Shop.

All owned cards can be found in the member menu. To access this menu:

  1. Tap on the button labeled "メンバー" (this button has a person with headphones icon)
  2. Tap on the button labeled "メンバー一覧" (this button is located at the bottom right)

Duplicate cards can be turned into fragments of feelings and pure crystals of feelings in the Waiting Room.

List of cards[edit | edit source]

Breakdown[edit | edit source]

When viewing a card, there are 13 key components:

  1. Card name
  2. Character
  3. Unit
  4. Support unit
  5. Rarity
  6. Attribute
  7. Master rank
  8. Stats
  9. Card level
  10. Skill name
  11. Skill level
  12. Skill type
  13. Side stories

Characters, units, and support units[edit | edit source]

All cards are associated with a character, a unit, and sometimes a support unit. A card will receive power bonus based on the character, and unit or support unit it's associated with. Cards with the same character cannot be in the same party, unless it is for challenge live.

The unit the character is in is the unit that the card is associated with. For example, Distant-Looking, but Friendly, which is Hoshino Ichika's card, has the unit "Leo/need" because Ichika is in Leo/need. Similarly, Aiming to Be an Idol! is associated with both Hanasato Minori and MORE MORE JUMP!. For cards associated with characters in the VIRTUAL SINGER unit, there might be an associated support unit. This support unit is determined by the sekai that virtual singer resides in. A card associated with Leo/need Hatsune Miku would have "Leo/need" as the support unit.

Card Character Unit Support unit
Distant-Looking, but Friendly Hoshino Ichika Leo/need -
Aiming to Be an Idol! Hanasato Minori MORE MORE JUMP! -
The Songstress Everyone Knows Hatsune Miku VIRTUAL SINGER -
Classroom Sekai Hatsune Miku VIRTUAL SINGER Leo/need

Rarities[edit | edit source]

Cards have 1 of 5 rarities. Lower rarities have lower stats and weaker skill effects. 3☆ and 4☆ cards must be trained to reach maximum level.

Rarity Icon
3☆ (trained)
4☆ (trained)

Training cards[edit | edit source]

The card training popup

3☆ and 4☆ cards require training to reach the final level cap. These cards may only be trained after reaching the first level cap. Training also increase the power of a card.

To access the training menu:

  1. Tap on the button labeled "メンバー"
  2. Tap on the button labeled "育成" and "Training"
  3. Tap on the tab labeled "特訓"

Then, pick a card to train by tapping on its thumbnail. A popup will show the items needed to train that card. Tapping on the green button labeled "特訓" will consume the items and train the card, raising the level cap and unlocking the trained art.

Rarity Items needed
Cool gem
Miracle gem
Cool gem
Miracle gem

Cards may require cute gems, happy gems, pure gems, or mysterious gems instead of cool gems.

Attributes[edit | edit source]

Every card has 1 of the following 5 attributes. This attribute determines if the card contributes toward a party's event bonus and if the card receives a power bonus from area items.

Attribute Icon

Master Ranks[edit | edit source]

Cards with Master Ranks will show a blue diamond with a number in it. This number is the number of ranks; the higher the rank, the more additional stats it gives. For some 4☆ cards, increasing that card's Master Rank will unlock alternate colors for the costume and the unique hairstyle associated with it.

Master Rank can be increased using fragments of feelings for cards of all rarities, or pure crystals of feelings for 4☆ cards.

Rarity Cost
Fragment of feelings
Fragment of feelings
Fragment of feelings
Fragment of feelings
Fragment of feelings
Pure crystal of feelings

Stats[edit | edit source]

A card has 3 stats: performance, technique, and stamina. There is no purpose in the individual values of the 3 stats but summing these values results in a card's base power before any additional stats or bonuses. Increasing a card's level will increase that card's stats, and consequently that card's power. Additional stats come from increasing a card's master rank or by reading a card's side story; these additional stats do contribute towards the power shown on a card. Power increase from area item bonuses are not reflected in the power shown on a card.

Additional stats
Rarity Master rank Side story 1 Side story 2
1☆ +150 +300 +600
2☆ +300 +450 +900
3☆ +450 +600 +1500
Birthday +540 +720 +1650
4☆ +600 +750 +1800

Each rank in a card's master rank grants additional stats.

Levels[edit | edit source]

Each card has a maximum level; this level is determined on the rarity and whether or not the card is trained. The higher a card's level, the higher its stats.

Rarity Trained? Max level
1☆ - 20
2☆ - 30
3☆ No 40
Yes 50
Birthday - 60
4☆ No 50
Yes 60
Exp requirements
Level Total EXP EXP to next level
1 0 3,000
2 3,000 4,000
3 7,000 5,000
4 12,000 5,400
5 17,400 5,800
6 23,200 6,200
7 29,400 6,600
8 36,000 7,000
9 43,000 7,400
10 50,400 7,800
11 58,200 8,200
12 66,400 8,600
13 75,000 9,000
14 84,000 9,400
15 93,400 9,800
16 103,200 10,200
17 113,400 10,600
18 124,000 11,000
19 135,000 11,400
20 146,400 11,800
21 158,200 12,200
22 170,400 12,600
23 183,000 13,000
24 196,000 13,400
25 209,400 13,800
26 223,200 14,200
27 237,400 14,600
28 252,000 15,000
29 267,000 15,400
30 282,400 15,800
31 298,200 16,200
32 314,400 16,600
33 331,000 17,000
34 348,000 17,400
35 365,400 17,800
36 383,200 18,200
37 401,400 18,600
38 420,000 19,000
39 439,000 19,400
40 458,400 19,800
41 478,200 20,200
42 498,400 20,600
43 519,000 21,000
44 540,000 21,400
45 561,400 21,800
46 583,200 22,200
47 605,400 22,600
48 628,000 23,000
49 651,000 23,400
50 674,400 23,800
51 698,200 24,200
52 722,400 24,600
53 747,000 25,000
54 772,000 25,400
55 797,400 25,800
56 823,200 26,200
57 849,400 26,600
58 876,000 27,000
59 903,000 27,400
60 930,400

Leveling cards[edit | edit source]

Cards can be leveled up just by playing the game or by using beginner, intermediate, or advanced practice scores.

Thumbnail Item Exp
Practice score (beginner)
Practice score (beginner) 200
Practice score (intermediate)
Practice score (intermediate) 10000
Practice score (advanced)
Practice score (advanced) 50000

The following steps detail how to level up a card's skill:

  1. Tap on the button labeled "メンバー"
  2. Tap on the button labeled "Training"
  3. Tap on the card to be leveled up
  4. Select the items to be used and confirm

The buttons on the bottom "リセット", "おすすめ", "決定" are reset, recommended, and confirm, respectively. The recommended button automatically chooses the least items needed for the max level. The number of items consumed can be manually changed in 5 ways:

  • "«" button: resets the number to 0
  • "−" button: decreases the current number by 1
  • text input: sets the number of items to any integer
  • "+" button: increases the current number by 1
  • "»" button: sets the number to the minimum needed for the highest skill level, or maximum available

Items will only be consumed after the confirm button is pressed.

Skills[edit | edit source]

The skill of a card can be determined by its description. Every skill provides a score boost component, although some come with life or judgment requirements. Skills like "healer" or "perfect locker" have additional side effects.

Skill types
Type Japanese English
Scorer 5秒間 スコアがX%UPする X% score boost for 5 seconds.
Perfect locker Y秒間 GREATがPERFECTになり、5秒間 スコアがX%UPする All GREATs will become PERFECTs for Y seconds; X% score boost for 5 seconds.
Y秒間 GOOD以上がPERFECTになり、5秒間 スコアがX%UPする All GOODs and higher will become PERFECTs for Y seconds; X% score boost for 5 seconds.
Y秒間 BAD以上がPERFECTになり、5秒間 スコアがX%UPする All BADs and higher will become PERFECTs for Y seconds; X% score boost for 5 seconds.
Healer ライフがY回復し、5秒間 スコアがX%UPする Recover Y life; X% score boost for 5 seconds.
Perfect scorer 5秒間 PERFECTのときのみスコアがX%UPする X% score boost for 5 seconds for PERFECTs only.
Life scorer 5秒間 発動時ライフが800未満ならスコアがX%UP、
For 5 seconds, X% score boost if life is less than 800 or Y% score boost if life is 800.
For every +10 life above 800, score boost increased by +1% (up to Z%).
Accuracy scorer 5秒間 スコアがY%UP、
X% score boost for 5 seconds.
If you hit GREAT or lower, score boost will be reduced to Y%.
Birthday scorer ライフがY回復し、5秒間 PERFECTのときのみスコアがX%UPする Recover Y life; X% score boost for 5 seconds for PERFECTs only.
Unit scorer 5秒間 スコアがX%UPする
X% score boost for 5 seconds.
Gain additional +10% boost for every [Y] card (except for themselves), and another +10% boost if all cards are from the same unit (up to Z%).

Skill levels[edit | edit source]

Further information: Skills#Skill levels

The higher the level a skill is, the more powerful its effects will be. When viewing a card, the current skill level and the amount of exp required to level up the skill is shown. The menu to level up skills can be reached by tapping on the "スキルアップ" button. In this new menu, skill up scores, fragments of feelings, and pure crystals of feelings can be consumed to provide exp towards leveling up a skill.

Side stories[edit | edit source]

Every card has 2 side stories. Unlocking side stories gives additional stats to a card and requires a combination of pieces, gems, and miracle gems. The second side story can only be unlocked once the card has reached its max level.

Side story 1
Rarity Unlock cost Additional stats
Cool piece
Cool piece
Cool piece
Cool piece
Cool piece
Side story 2
Rarity Unlock cost Additional stats
Cool piece
Cool piece
Cool piece
Cool gem
Miracle gem
Cool piece
Cool gem
Miracle gem
Cool piece
Cool gem
Miracle gem

Cards may require cute pieces, happy pieces, pure pieces, or mysterious pieces instead of cool pieces.

Cards may require cute gems, happy gems, pure gems, or mysterious gems instead of cool gems.

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