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Dappou Rock

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Dappou Rock
RomajiDappou Rokku
EnglishLaw-evading Rock
Song Information
Original singer
  • Kagamine Len
  • Neru
In-game Information
Song ID21
Unit category
  • Wonderlands×Showtime
How to unlockMusic Shop
  • Neru
  • Neru
Duration (game)2:01
Release date2020/10/04
Music Video

Dappou Rock (脱法ロック, Law-evading Rock) is a song by Neru featuring Kagamine Len. It is covered by the unit Wonderlands×Showtime, and currently has 3 song versions in the game. This song became playable on October 4, 2020. Players can unlock this song by purchasing it in the Music Shop (shop) with 10 song cards.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Japanese lyricsRomanized lyricsEnglish translation
首吊る前に アンプを繋いで
ストラト背負って クラプトン弾いて
テレキャス持った 学生をシバいて
さあ トリップしよう
kubi tsuru mae ni AMP o tsunaide
STRATO seotte CLAPTON hiite
TELECAST motta gakusei o shibaite
saa TRIP shiyou
aisu beki sekai e
(Aaah -)
Before you hang your neck, plug in the amp,
Pull that strat over your back, play some clapton
Beat up that student with the telecaster,
And now, let's take a trip
To the world we've gotta love
(Wow wow wow…)(Wow wow wow…)(Wow wow wow…)
はーなんて時代に 生まれたもんだ
ドラえもんは居ないし ポッケは無いし
バカは死なんと 治りゃしないし
もう どうにでもなれ
千鳥足でざわつく パーティーピーポーは ファックオフ
haa nante jidai ni umareta mon da
doraemon wa inai shi POCKET wa nai shi
baka wa shi nan to naorya shinai shi
mou dou ni demo nare
tengoku ga yonde iru
chidoriashi de zawatsuku PARTY PEOPLE wa FUCK OFF
doushite shibutte iru
hayaku onryou o agete kure
Haah, what a time to be alive
Doraemon's not here, and neither is his magic pocket
'N idiots can't be cured 'til they're dead
Whatever, I don't care what happens anymore
Heaven's calling
All these party people stumbling about and making a ruckus can just fuck off
Why're you so hesitant?
C'mon, won't you please just turn up the volume?
現実逃避に 縋れ 縋れ
負け犬になって 吠えろ 吠えろ
理想像なんて 捨てろ 捨てろ
それが 脱法ロックの礼法なんですわ
最底辺に 沈め 沈め
社会不適合者に 堕ちろ 堕ちろ
自殺点ばっか 決めろ 決めろ
それが 脱法ロックの礼法なんですわ
genjitsu touhi ni sugare sugare
makeinu ni natte hoero hoero
risouzou nante sutero sutero
sore ga dappou ROCK no reihou nan desu wa
saiteihen ni shizume shizume
shakai futeki gousha ni ochiro ochiro
jisatsuten bakka kimero kimero
sore ga dappou ROCK no reihou nan desu wa
Everybody -
Cling to your escapes from reality, reality
Growl like an underdog-turned-loser, loser
Throw out your ideas of perfection, perfection
That's the law-evading rock code of conduct
Sink to the lowest of the low, the low
Stoop to the pits of societal disgrace, disgrace
Aim only for your own goals, own goals
That's the law-evading rock code of conduct
愛想なんて いらない いらない
化学反応を 起こせ 起こせ
プライドはポイと 捨てろ 捨てろ
それが 脱法ロックの礼法なんですわ
体裁なんて 知らない 知らない
ボリューム一つも 下げない 下げない
のべつ幕無しに キメろキメろ
それが 脱法ロックの礼法なんですわ
aiso nante iranai iranai
kagaku hannou o okose okose
PRIDE wa poi to sutero sutero
sore ga dappou ROCK no reihou nan desu wa
teisai nante shiranai shiranai
VOLUME hitotsu mo sagenai sagenai
nobetsu maku nashi ni kimero kimero
sore ga dappou ROCK no reihou nan desu wa
nenjuu ikitte ikou~
We don't need any civility, civility
Go cause a chemical reaction, reaction
Throw your pride away like litter on the streets, the streets
That's the law-evading rock code of conduct
I don't care about decency, decency
Not lifting a finger to lower the volume, the volume
Keep popping 'em without stopping, without stopping
That's the law-evading rock code of conduct
Let's live it up and show off all year 'round~
(Wow wow wow…)
(Wo Oh Oh Oh Wo Oh)
(Wow wow wow…)
(Wo Oh Oh Oh Wo Oh)
(Wow wow wow…)
(Wo Oh Oh Oh Wo Oh)

Versions[edit | edit source]

Version Sung by Audio
SEKAIKagamine Len, Tenma Tsukasa and Kamishiro Rui
Another VocalKAITO

Videos[edit | edit source]

Hard Preview
Release date
Original MV
Release date

Update history[edit | edit source]

October 4, 2020

  • Added to the game.

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