Darling Dance

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Darling Dance
RomajiDaarin Dansu
Song Information
Original singer
  • Hatsune Miku
  • Kairiki Bear
In-game Information
Song ID168
Unit category
How to unlockMusic Shop
  • Kairiki Bear
  • Kairiki Bear
Duration (game)1:42
Release date2022/04/25
Music Video

Darling Dance (ダーリンダンス, DARLING DANCE) is a song by Kairiki Bear featuring Hatsune Miku. It is covered by the unit MORE MORE JUMP!, and has 2 song versions in the game. This song became playable on April 25, 2022. Players can unlock this song by purchasing it in the Music Shop (shop) with 10 song cards.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Japanese lyricsRomanized lyricsEnglish translation
存在証明 愛だって愛だって吐いたって
嗚呼 寝転ン ゴロンて 嫌ん 嫌んプリティプリティダイエットDAY
曖昧 一回楽に アイマイミー快楽に
病み悪化してんだって愛だ 恋だ 何だってんだ
sonzai shoumei ai datte ai datte haitatte
aa nekoron goronte iyan iyan puriti puriti daietto DAY
aimai ikkai raku ni aimai mii kairaku ni
yami akkashiten datte ai da koi da nandattenda
My proof of existence, it's love, it's love.
Aah, I hate laying down and rolling over... I hate it, I hate it.
Pretty Pretty, diet DAY
Relaxing, letting it happen just one ambiguous time- I, me, my, indulging in pleasure.
They say my mental illnesses are getting worse.
Its love, romance, what are you talking about?
生命線は 愛だって愛だ 嘆いたって
ああでもない こうでもないな 寂しい寂しいナンセンスDAY
いっそ密会 ラフに 節操無い解:LOVE ME
溺れ奴隷 踊れ 踊れ 亡霊だ
seimeisen wa ai datte ai da nagei tatte
aa demo nai kou de mo nai na sabishii sabishii nansensu DAY
isso mikkai rafu ni sessounai kai: LOVE ME
obore dorei odore odore bourei da
I wail, "The life line is love, its love." and yet,
Aah, I still just don't get it
Lonely lonely nonsense DAY
なにもない なにもない 私なにもない
ねえ変われない 変われない 私 変われない
はい目もと以外は隠して ぱぱ
nani mo nai nani mo nai watashi nani mo nai
nee kawarenai kawarenai watashi kawarenai
nee wakaranai wakaranai "wakaru" wakaranai
hai me mo to igai wa kakushite papa
There's nothing, there's nothing, I have nothing, hey,
I can't change, I can't change, I can't change, hey,
I don't get it, I don't get it- "I get you." You don't get it.
Fine. I'll hide everything but the eyes.
駄。ダダダダ ダリダリ ダーリン FUNNY
はい冴えない愛情論で おねだり
駄。ダダダダ ダーリン脳裏 DIRTY&DIRTY
会いたい衝動 埋めてよ ダ ダ ダーリン
da. dadadada daridari daarin FUNNY
hai saenai aijouron de onedari
da. dadadada daarin nouri DIRTY&DIRTY
aitai shoudou umete yo da da daarin
dadadada darlidarli darling FUNNY
Yeah, I'll follow this theory of love, keep it pleading.
Worthless, dadadada darling's mind, DIRTY&DIRTY
Please, quench my urge to see you, da da darling.
無無(NANA) 無無(NANA) 無(NA)無無(NANA)
無(NA)無無(NANA) 無(NA)無無(NANA)
nana nana na nana
na nana na nana
nana nana na nana
nana na nana na
無い無い反応 返答を 期待したりnai nai hannou hentou o kitai shitariNo reaction, really, I'm expecting a reply.
無無(NANA) 無無(NANA) 無(NA)無無(NANA)
無(NA)無無(NANA) 無(NA)無無(NANA)
nana nana na nana
na nana na nana
nana nana na nana
na nana na nana
無い無い妄想 感傷で駄 ダ ダ ダーリン
無い無い純情 感傷で駄 ダ ダ ダーリン
ねえダーリン ちゅ。
nai nai mousou kanshou de da da da daarin
nai nai junjou kanshou de da da da daarin
nee daarin chu.
No innocence, my sappy feelings, worthless darling,
hey, darling, (smooch)
English translation by DoremySweet.

Versions[edit | edit source]

Version Sung by Audio
SEKAIHatsune Miku, Hanasato Minori and Kiritani Haruka

Videos[edit | edit source]

Hard Preview
Release date

Update history[edit | edit source]

April 25, 2022

  • Added to the game.

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