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Song Information
Original singer
  • Motoo Fujiwara
  • Motoo Fujiwara
In-game Information
Song ID184
  • Leo/need
How to unlockMusic Shop
  • Motoo Fujiwara
  • Motoo Fujiwara
Duration (game)1:40
Release date2021/10/13
Music Video

Hello,world! is a song by Motoo Fujiwara with his band, BUMP OF CHICKEN. It is covered by the unit Leo/need, and currently has 2 song versions in the game. This song became playable on October 13, 2021. Players can unlock this song by purchasing it in the Music Shop (shop) with 10 song cards.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Japanese lyricsRomanized lyricsEnglish translation
扉開けば 捻れた昼の夜
昨日どうやって帰った 体だけが確か
おはよう これからまた迷子の続き
見慣れた知らない 景色の中で
Tobira hirakeba nejireta hiru no yoru
Kinou dou yatte kaetta karada dake ga tashika
Ohayou korekara mata maigo no tsudzuki
Minareta shiranai keshiki no naka de
When I open up the door
Is it evening, or late afternoon?
How I got home’s just a blur and
now my body’s all that’s certain
So, good morning to you all
But I’m lost somewhere in between
the familiar, and unknown
This scenery before me
もう駄目って思ってから わりと何だかやれている
死にきらないくらいに丈夫 何かちょっと恥ずかしい
やるべきことは 忘れていても解る
そうしないと とても苦しいから
Mou damette omotte kara wari to nandaka yareteiru
Shi ni kiranai kurai ni joubu nanka chotto hazukashii
Yarubeki koto wa wasuretetemo wakaru
Sou shinai to totemo kurushii kara
Ever since I was convinced that
it was impossible, I found a way
I’m strong enough to keep on living
I’m embarrassed to admit it
And if I try to forget
What it is I’m meant to do next
All the pain and remorse would
just fill me with regret
顔を上げて 黒い目の人
君が見たから 光は生まれた
Kao o agete kuroi me no hito
Kimi ga mita kara hikari wa umareta
Now lift your head up high
With the darkness in your eyes
Once again the light was born
When you looked above and saw it!
選んだ色で塗った 世界に囲まれて
ご自分だけがヒーロー 世界の真ん中で
終わるまで出突っ張り ステージの上
どうしよう 空っぽのふりも出来ない
Eranda iro de nutta sekai ni kakomarete
Erabenai kizu no imi wa doko darou
Gojibun dake ga hiiroo sekai no mannaka de
Owaru made de zuppari suteeji no ue
Dou shiyou karappo no furi mo dekinai
Now the world is brightly painted
With colors that I chose for it
But I wonder what the scars I didn’t choose would even mean
Thinking I’m the only hero
The centre of the world I know
But until the end, and without rest, up on the stage I’ll be
What can I do? I can’t even pretend that I’m empty...
ハロー どうも 僕はここ
ハロー どうも 僕はここ
Haaro doumo boku wa koko
Haaro doumo boku wa koko
Hello, world, I’m standing right here!
Hello, world, I’m standing right here!
English translation taken from Sam Luff

Versions[edit | edit source]

Version Sung by Audio
SEKAIHoshino Ichika, Tenma Saki, Mochizuki Honami, Hinomori Shiho and Hatsune Miku

Videos[edit | edit source]

Hard Preview
Release date
2D MV (game version)
Release date
2D MV (full version)
Release date

Update history[edit | edit source]

October 13, 2021

  • Added to the game.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This song is an opening theme for the Kekkai Sensen anime.

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