Kusanagi Nene/Profile

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CV Machico Birthday July 20th
School Kamiyama High School Height 156cm
Class 1-B
Nene is a foul-mouthed girl who was recommended by Rui to join the troupe. With dreams of singing onstage for a musical, her singing ability is almost too good to be that of a high school girl. However, whenever she's around Tsukasa and Emu, instead of appearing onstage herself, she operates her Nene-Robo and performs through it.
Hobbies Competitive game
Watching musicals and movies
Talents Singing
Operating machinery
Favorite Food Grapefruit
Favorite Food
Mint-flavored food
Dislikes Crowded places
Translation: VocaSphere
Location: Phoenix Wonderland
Wonder Stage
Nenerobo-circle.png "Welcome, one and all.
Today, we shall..."
Nene-circle.png ...geez, what is it? I just started rehearsing.
Nene-circle.png ...Hmph. What's wrong with NeneRobo being with me?
Nene-circle.png It's fine that I'm doing this with NeneRobo.
We always do shows together, after all.
Nene-circle.png Anyway, don't interrupt me again.
I won't get any practice in at this rate.
Nene-circle.png Sigh... alright, once more from the top.
Nene-circle.png Thank you all for coming today to watch the
Wonderlands×Showtime stage performance.
Nenerobo-circle.png "We are Kusanagi Nene and NeneRobo of Wonderlands×Showtime."
Nene-circle.png Well, you're probably surprised to see NeneRobo...
Nene-circle.png As you can see, she's a robot who can sing and dance.
Be sure to watch our show later to see what she can do.
Nenerobo-circle.png "Furthermore, we have some pretty weird friends."
Nenerobo-circle.png "For one, the stage director who made me
has his head all over the place..."
Nenerobo-circle.png "...a girl with sky-high energy levels
who's always saying 'Wonderhoi'..."
Nenerobo-circle.png "...and the weirdest of them all, an idiot
who's always going on about becoming the world's greatest star every single day."
Nene-circle.png ...Well, at least our group is weird in a good way.
Nene-circle.png As for me... I've been a member of a children's theater troupe before,
and am pretty confident in my singing ability... if only I could sing on stage, that is...
Nene-circle.png So... umm...
I think people would find our shows enjoyable to watch, so...
Nenerobo-circle.png "...Please enjoy our shows to the very end."
Nene-circle.png ...How was that?
Nene-circle.png You got a problem with it, self-proclaimed star of the future?
Nene-circle.png Well, it is self-proclaimed, so what's wrong with calling you that?
Nene-circle.png Hmm. Well, if I think up a better nickname,
I might start calling you that, but don't hold your breath.
Nene-circle.png ...But you know, even the thought of
standing on stage gets me feeling overwhelmed...
Nene-circle.png ...No, it's nothing.
Nene-circle.png Alright, alright, I get it.
I'll do better during the real show.
Nene-circle.png You did great too, NeneRobo.
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