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The Master Rank of a card is indicated by a number inside a blue diamond found in the bottom right corner of it. It can be increased by using fragments of feelings for cards of all rarities, or pure crystals of feelings for 4☆ cards. Cards have a maximum cap of Master Rank 5. By increasing a card's Master Rank, the card will gain a boost to its performance. Doing this will also count as progress towards a character's Master Rank mission. Cards with costumes will unlock more costume variants at Master Ranks 1, 3, and 5. Master Rank 2 is required for a card with unique hairstyle to unlock its hairstyle.

Master Rank costs[edit | edit source]

The cost to increase a card's Master Rank depends on the card's rarity, with higher rarity cards requiring more fragments of feelings.

Rarity Cost
Fragment of feelings
Fragment of feelings
Fragment of feelings
Fragment of feelings
Fragment of feelings
Pure crystal of feelings

Increasing Master Rank[edit | edit source]

To increase a card's Master Rank:

  1. Open the character menu by tapping on the button labeled "メンバー"
  2. Tap on the button labeled "Training"
  3. Tap on the button labeled "マスタートレーニング"
  4. Tap on the card that will have its Master Rank increased
  5. Select fragments of feeling or a pure crystal of feeling (if the option is given)
  6. Tap on the button labeled "決定" to confirm

Additional performance given[edit | edit source]

The amount of performance given by increasing a card's Master Rank depends on the card's rarity. Each rank in a card's Master Rank grants additional performance. For example, a 2☆ card with Master Rank 2 would gain 600 performance.

Rarity Additional stats
1☆ +150
2☆ +300
3☆ +450
Birthday +540
4☆ +600
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