Megurine Luka/Profile

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Birthday January 30th
Height 162cm
A female virtual singer known for her long pink hair. She possesses a soft and gentle singing voice befitting of her calm demeanor, though she can definitely sing with a passionate voice when the time calls. She is bilingual, and able to speak both English and Japanese.
Translation: VocaSphere
Location: Virtual Singer Stage
Luka-circle.png Hello, everyone. I'm Megurine Luka. みなさん、こんにちは。巡音ルカです
Luka-circle.png It makes me really happy
to see so many of you come today!
Luka-circle.png Have you been enjoying the show so far? ここまで、楽しんでもらえているでしょうか?
Luka-circle.png Thank you! ありがとう
Luka-circle.png And to those of you who came all the way from other countries,
thank you so much!
Thank you so much!
Luka-circle.png Today, we have a lineup of songs
that our overseas fans can enjoy, too.
Luka-circle.png Fufu, this will be a chance to show my bilingualism! バイリンガルの腕……ふふ、声の見せ所ね
Luka-circle.png Now, continuing on with our show... イベントはまだまだ続きます
Luka-circle.png We're going to be singing with everything we got
to get ourselves fired up too, so get ready.
Luka-circle.png So then, on to the next song! それじゃあ、次の曲に行きましょうか
Luka-circle.png Wave those glowsticks
so we can all get fired up together!
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