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This Manual of Style is the style guide for all Sekaipedia articles and pages. The goal is to make the wiki easy to read and edit. It is also helps editors write and maintain articles with consistent language and layout.

Titles[edit source]

Song title[edit source]

  • Use romaji of the song's title.
    • If the romaji adapts from English, use English word. Example: "アイドル新鋭隊" become "Idol Shineitai".
  • Capitalize words (except particles).
  • If the official English has its different style, put it in infobox (e.g Junky Night Town Orchestra case).

Event and card title[edit source]

Please use English translations from the Unofficial EN Project SEKAI twitter.

Article titles, sections, and headings[edit source]

Articles[edit source]

Sections[edit source]

Headings[edit source]

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