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This is a standardization of romaji in this wiki. If you unsure about romanization, feel free to start a discussion in the Discord server and go to #wiki-discussion channel.

Long vowels[edit source]

Long vowels should reflects how text is entered into a Japanese word. Example:

Vowel Example Written as
a + a おかあさん okaa-san
i + i おいしい oishii
u + u かいじゅう kaijuu
e + e おねえさん onee-san
o + o おおきい ookii
o + u ちょう chou

※ This also applies for katakana that is followed by a chouonpu (ー).

Vowel Example Written as
a + a サイバー saibaa
i + i ビート biito
u + u クール kuuru
e + e ケーキ keeki
o + o オープニング oopuningu

Exceptions[edit source]

Some exceptions are for person's name or place's name. Example:

  • 東京 written as Tokyo
  • 鳳えむ written as Otori Emu
  • 青柳冬弥 written as Aoyagi Toya
  • etc.

Particles[edit source]

  • When は is used as a particle, it is written as wa.
きみ誰? written as kimi wa dare?.
  • When へ is used as a particle, it is written as e.
レストランようこそ written as restauran e youkoso.
  • When を is used as a particle, it is written as o.
忘れない written as kimi o wasurenai.

Punctuation[edit source]

Symbol in JP Romanization
…… ...
「...」 "..."
【...】 [...]

Symbols like ☆, ♥, ♪, etc. should be written and separated with space.

Title[edit source]

Title should be capitalize except some particles.

Honorifics[edit source]

Honorifics followed by name should be seperated with hyphen (-) symbol. Example:

  • Toya-kun
  • Emu-chan
  • Tenma-san

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