Shinonome Ena/Profile

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CV Minori Suzuki Birthday April 30th
School Kamiyama High School (night classes) Height 158cm
Class 2-D
Ena is a strong willed girl with a great sense for social media where she wishes to be more well known. Her father's a famous artist, and she often draws and posts her illustrations online. Kanade discovered and invited her to become a member of "25-ji, Nightcord de." where she draws illustrations for their MVs.
Hobbies Drawing
Posting selfies on social media
Talents Researching fashion accessories
Choosing the right ingredients when cooking
Favorite Food Pancakes
Favorite Food
Dislikes Waking up in the morning
Translation: VocaSphere
Location: Ena's Room
Ena-circle.png "Oh? Everyone's already logged in?'
Ena-circle.png "...Yeah, I was at school. It was pretty rough today
because not many people showed up and I had to answer a lot of the questions."
Ena-circle.png "I guess that's the difference between nighttime and daytime classes.
There's not even ten people in my night class."
Ena-circle.png "Anyway, it's not our usual meeting time of 25:00 yet,
so what's everyone doing online?"
Ena-circle.png "...huh? You're all doing your voice messages to add onto the end of our songs?"
Ena-circle.png "Hmm. We haven't decided on whether we're really going to add them, though.
But it does sound like fun."
Ena-circle.png "Hm? A message from Amia?
It says, 'Can you open the attached file?'"
Ena-circle.png "So, we can complete our messages
by answering everything on this list, huh."
Ena-circle.png "I mean, the fact that this was sent to me means they want me to do it, too.
Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt."
Ena-circle.png "Umm..."
Ena-circle.png "Nice to meet you♪
I'm Shinonome Ena-...
I mean, Enanan of 25-ji, Nightcord de."
Ena-circle.png "I was invited by K
to join this circle as our illustrator."
Ena-circle.png "You see, I used to draw fan art for
K's songs and post them on social media,
and K herself saw them, too!"
Ena-circle.png "When she direct messaged me on my artist account,
I was really surprised."
Ena-circle.png "I was also really happy when she complimented how well my art
fits the image for each of her songs...!"
Ena-circle.png "I replied telling her that I'd love to join her circle,
adding that it's not just fan art
but also video of myself singing covers of her songs that I've uploaded online before."
Ena-circle.png "So while I mainly handle illustrations for our song videos,
I sing them as well."
Ena-circle.png "...Mmhmm! That's how I came to be part of our music circle."
Ena-circle.png "...The next one is... ah, it's about food, huh."
Ena-circle.png "My favorite foods are pancakes and cheesecake,
and my least favorite are carrots and-... wait a minute..."
Ena-circle.png "'I have exactly the same tastes as my little brother?'
Why is useless info like that written here?"
Ena-circle.png "We don't need to mention Akito in our circle messages.
Alright, cutting this part out."
Ena-circle.png "Next, it says... 'My hobby is taking selfies!?'"
Ena-circle.png "I mean, that's not wrong, but no one needs to know that either.
Cutting this part, too."
Ena-circle.png "I'm the illustrator,
so it'd be nice if you just delve more into that side of me, please."
Ena-circle.png "Anyway, next is... things I'd like to accomplish?"
Ena-circle.png "That's easy! Of course I want to keep on drawing amazing illustrations
that attract the attention of a lot of people!"
Ena-circle.png "We have an amazing song writer like K,
so I have to make illustrations that are just as amazing."
Ena-circle.png " 'I wish you luck?'
Sheesh, always the smart aleck..."
Ena-circle.png "Well, whatever.
Even if I scold Yuki every time, it's not like it'll do any good."
Ena-circle.png "Anyway, I'm going to continue drawing the perfect illustrations for 25's songs.
No matter what anyone says, I'm not giving up that responsibility."
Ena-circle.png "...Yup! I'll keep doing my best, K!"
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