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Stamp Shop

From Sekaipedia

The Stamp Shop (スタンプショップ) is a place where players can buy stamps. It is located in the Shopping Mall in the real world.

Available stamps[edit | edit source]

Exchanging stamps[edit | edit source]

To find the stamp shop and then exchange for a stamp:

  1. Click on the map icon, if not already in the correct location.
  2. Go to the Shopping Mall (ショッピングモール) by clicking on its map icon.
  3. Click on the text bubble above the npc that says Stamp Shop (スタンプショップ) and a smiley face icon above the text.
  4. Use the tabs on the top of the screen to view specific units' stamps, or filter to view specific characters.
  5. Click on the stamp you wish to exchange for.
  6. Press the confirm button (交換, exchange).
  7. The stamp will now be available to you – you will lose 1 stamp exchange ticket for every 1 stamp bought.

Navigation[edit | edit source]

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