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April Fools' Day (2022)

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Sekai was changed for April Fools' Day in 2022; five new units were added, five new covers were added, the existing SEKAIs were emptied, and-- what's this? the VIRTUAL SINGERs were in Shibuya?

A different world[edit | edit source]

Shibuya?[edit | edit source]

The VIRTUAL SINGERs have gotten lost in a place that looks just like Shibuya, where various encounters beyond the Sekai seem to be born...But, it seems they're not the only ones affected by the mysterious phenomenon...? In several locations, we saw that variants of each VIRTUAL SINGER are talking amongst themselves...

Empty SEKAIs?[edit | edit source]

All characters and their conversations within the Classroom, Stage, Street, Wonderland, and Uninhabited Sekais have mysteriously disappeared.

Units[edit | edit source]

Five new units were added: Aoharu/friends, YUME YUME JUMP!, Fantasista SQUAD, Happiness Sentai Sunny Sunny☆Wonder, and Kyujitsu, Shumijin Doushi de.

Aoharu/friends[edit | edit source]

"I want to spend the best youth together with my irreplaceable friends!"

Aoharu/friends (青春/friends) was a unit a sparkling band unit, full of sweat and tears (?)! It was composed of Ichika, Saki, Airi, and Ena. Alongside Miku, they covered Aoku Kakero! as their first song.

YUME YUME JUMP![edit | edit source]

"It's because we want to support all 'dreamers' out there!"

YUME YUME JUMP! was a new idol unit makes their dashing debut! It was composed of Shiho, An, Shizuku, and Kanade. They covered Happy Synthesizer as their first song.

Fantasista SQUAD[edit | edit source]

Starting from the back alleys, they aim for the world's top!?

Fantasista SQUAD was a one-of-a-kind performance unit full of excitement! It was composed of Rui, Akito, Toya, and Tsukasa. With KAITO, they covered Ifuudoudou as their first song.

Happiness Sentai Sunny Sunny☆Wonder[edit | edit source]

Bringing smiles to all children ☆

Happiness Sentai Sunny Sunny☆Wonder was a show unit that suddenly emerges from an off-school activity! It was composed of Mafuyu, Emu, Haruka, and Kohane. Alongside Rin, they covered Positive☆Dance Time as their first song.

Kyujitsu, Shumijin Doushi de.[edit | edit source]

A gathering of hobbyists who have passions for various things!

Kyujitsu, Shumijin Doushi de. was an online circle where the members talk about what they "like"! It was composed of Minori, Nene, Mizuki, and Honami. They covered Venom as their first song.

Special content[edit | edit source]

2D MVs[edit | edit source]

Five new covers were added to the game, each covered by the new units. They also have corresponding 2D MVs found on YouTube.

Song Unit Singers MV
Aoku Kakero! Aoharu/friends Hatsune Miku, Hoshino Ichika, Tenma Saki, Momoi Airi, and Shinonome Ena
Happy Synthesizer YUME YUME JUMP! Hinomori Shiho, Hinomori Shizuku, Shiraishi An, Yoisaki Kanade
Ifuudoudou Fantasista SQUAD KAITO, Shinonome Akito, Aoyagi Toya, Tenma Tsukasa, and Kamishiro Rui
Positive☆Dance Time Happiness Sentai Sunny Sunny☆Wonder Kagamine Rin, Kiritani Haruka, Azusawa Kohane, Otori Emu, and Asahina Mafuyu
Venom Kyujitsu, Shumijin Doushi de. Mochizuki Honami, Hanasato Minori, Kusanagi Nene, and Akiyama Mizuki

Area chibis[edit | edit source]

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