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From Sekaipedia

This is an archive of the comics officially released for Project Sekai. All English translations here are unofficial. The 4komas posted by official Project SEKAI Twitter about the daily life of Project SEKAI can be found in SEKAI no 4koma.

1koma[edit | edit source]

The Daily Life of Project Sekai (by KEI)[edit | edit source]

[ Source] (Twitter)

Promotional manga[edit | edit source]

Ayasaka (綾坂)[edit | edit source]

Omu the Rice (おむ・ザ・ライス)[edit | edit source]

Kitahara Tomoe (北原朋萌。)[edit | edit source]

Kimino Tomanari (君野朋成)[edit | edit source]

Kyou (恭)[edit | edit source]

Sumire Melon (すみれめ論)[edit | edit source]

Takeharu (竹春)[edit | edit source]

Tsunamayo (ツナマヨ)[edit | edit source]

Nakane Nata (中音ナタ)[edit | edit source]

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