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This FAQ is adapted from this document by Leg-leg#7769.

How do I get…

These egg things (Gems)?

You'll get them randomly as drops as you complete solo, multi, cheerful and challenge lives. They can also be exchanged for in the Event Shop.

These music note crystals (Fragments/Crystals)?

Each music note (pure crystal of feelings) can be obtained from trading in a duplicate 4★.

The fragment of feelings can be obtained from trading in duplicate 3★ (50 fragments each) and 2★ (5 fragments each).

You can also get fragments with leftover Gacha/Spark Seals, by using virtual items during a virtual live, ranking up Kizuna Ranks, or exchanging for them in the Event Exchange Shop.

[see #virtual lives for more details]

Gacha Seals/Spark Seals?

You get one Gacha Seal per draw.

It takes 300 Seals (90,000 crystals) to spark/exchange for a card. *This number will be slightly less if you do the paid crystal daily solo draw.

If you do not get enough Gacha Seals to spark, they will be converted to fragments at a 1:1 ratio at the time listed at the bottom of the image.

This compass looking thing (Virtual coin/Simp Coin)?

These are obtained with daily logins (50 per day).

They can also be exchanged for in the Event Shop.

These seeds?

You'll get them randomly as drops as you complete solo, multi, and cheerful lives. You get them daily in challenge lives. They can also be exchanged for in the Event Shop.

Vocal cards? Cards needed to unlock different vocals for songs?

You can get them from leveling the specific character's Character Rank.

[Rank 2 is the earliest you'll get them]

Music cards? Cards needed to buy new songs?

You can get them by reading Unit Stories, reading Event Stories during the event, as mission rewards, or exchange for them in the Event Shop.

My game saved? (Data Transfer/Cross-Platform Usage)

Cross-Platform Usage (Transfer Code Guide) [credits to victrock]

You will need to use the "Transfer Code" feature to transfer your account between iOS and Android.

On your old device, you will need to set a password first, then the game will generate a second set of password.

As long as you do not use these codes, they will be in effect.

Follow this set of pictures to get to the menu. On your new device, you will need to input both sets of password to transfer your account.

Once this is done, your passwords are no longer in effect, so make sure to make a new set the moment you are in your new device.

only one device can hold your account at any one time.

Free Crystals, Paid Crystals, and passes will all be transferred properly, even cross-platform.

More Crystals?

You can do a variety of things, including the following: (Thanks Shira#1007 for the list!)

  • Read area conversations
  • Raise character rank (You can get to ~ character rank 5 from just doing all of the area conversations.)
  • Raise challenge rank for each character
  • Raise your player rank (big bonus at 5/10 milestones)
  • Unlock and read stories for each band and member
  • Participate in Virtual Lives
  • Monthly mission pass
  • Complete missions
  • Event rewards
  • Full combo or get good combo on hard/expert/master
  • Spend Money (monthly packs especially the mission pass is the best value)

A Better Score/To Veteran Room?

You can do any of the following: (Thanks Shira#1007 for the list!)

  • Level your units
  • Train your units (to raise level cap, 3★ or better only)
  • Master Rank your units
  • Area Items (per character/band/type (attribute)
  • Type area items unlock at Rank 25 (this is what you use seeds for)
  • Play multi-live (for fever bonus)
  • Increase skill level, Unlocks at Rank 30
  • Play better scoring songs
  • Play a harder difficulty (or play better on the difficulty you're on)
  • Use a scorer center, have other people use scorer centers (skill is at least 100% score(スコア) for scorers)
    • Skill will only mention score (スコア), will not say restoration(回復) or anything about Perfects

More ★4/Rare costume (レア衣装) colors?

You can unlock Another Color of your Rare Live Costumes by raising the Master Rank of the associated card.

The colors unlock at Master Rank 1, 3, and 5.

More Costumes/Costume Materials?

Costumes are made with costume materials. They will drop randomly as rewards for playing lives, but can also be purchased from most exchange shops (such as ones for events). It is not recommended to purchase these within the Memory Fragments exchange shop, since those can be used to Master Rank your units. They can also be acquired from the Crystal Shop.

Rare Costumes can only currently be obtained when you have the corresponding ★4 units.

Area Items?

You can view all area items and find from this screen: [Menu] -> [Inventory] [メニュー]->[持ち物] (second tab)

  • Virtual Singer does not stack with the other subunits, highest associated bonus will be applied.
  • Max Subunit Bonus (10%+10%*)
  • The subunit bonus is currently bugged. Extra bonus for whole team matching does not work.
  • Max Character (20%)
  • Max Type (10%+10%)
  • Type Bonus area items unlock at Rank 25.

Multi/Solo/Cheerful/Challenge Lives

How do I change the number of batteries(Live Bonus) I use per live?

After which, there should be a slider for you to adjust. The number of batteries affect the amount of rewards you receive from a completed live. You can only use more than 5 during events.

Bonus Rewards (regular) Rewards (event)
0 x1 x1
1 x5 x5
2 x10 x10
3 x14 x15
4 x17 x19
5 x20 x23
6 x21 x26
7 x22 x29
8 x23 x31
9 x24 x33
10 x25 x35

What is "challenge live"? / Why can’t I pick another character?

Challenge Live is a game mode that is currently only available once per day. Unlike the other lives, you are only able to make a team of the same character. [E.g. a team with only Rins]

Essentially, you get to choose a character to enter the Challenge Live → choose a song to play → score as well as you can → get points and increase the character’s Challenge Rank (different from Character rank). Challenge Lives also tend to have really good drops (e.g. seeds)

When you first start on Challenge Live, you get to unlock it for 1 character for free. Everyone else can only be selected for Challenge Live after 30 (other) lives with them as leader.

Things to note:

  • Challenge Live does not consume any battery/lives
  • You are free to retry Challenge Lives without any penalty
  • You start with 2 slots for units in Challenge Live. You get to unlock more slots for your team as that specific character’s Character Rank increases (+ 1 slot for Rank 13, 18 and 22 each)
  • The attempt for the challenge live resets at 04:00JST.

Recommended strategy:

  • It is recommended to play Challenge Lives with a 4* character for a higher score. faster progress → better drop rate

When exactly are my batteries used?

Your batteries are only used at the end of a successful live. In other words, you do not use up batteries when:

  • You fail a solo live
  • You restart/retry a solo live
  • You lose connection during a multi live

The MV in the background is a little bit distracting when I play./It causes my device to lag a lot. How do I turn it off?

Before you start a live, click the circle besides the settings icon such it says 軽量.

You can also change it in settings such that it applies for all songs.

During Multi Live/Cheerful Live, what triggers Fever/Super Fever? / What are they for?

Fever happens when all the players in the room hit enough notes during the Fever section. Super Fever happens when all players in the room manage to full combo during the Fever section

If the room hits a Super Fever, the room will receive extra drops at the end of the song.

During Multi Live, how do you get MVP/Superstar? / What are they for?

You can get MVP by scoring the highest in the room. Superstar is obtained by scoring significantly higher than everyone else (20-30%?)

  • MVP or Superstar is always awarded to the highest scoring player.
    • In a team with 4 players or below, only MVP will be awarded, not Superstar.
  • If you got the highest score and did not see it, it will still count towards the title, but will not show up on profile. This is a known bug.

How do I unlock Master?

Clear Expert level with 7 or less “good” (and below) notes. (This requirement can be viewed when tapping the MASTER icon in the song selection screen.)

You must own the song when you complete this requirement to unlock master difficulty.

How do I buy songs?

Go to the Music Shop (the building with 2 logos with discs in them).

Shop on the left allows you to buy songs while shop on the right allows you to buy song covers.

How do you Auto Live?

Scores and rewards in Auto are less than those in manual plays.

you get regular unit exp (any rank, live bonus/ battery/drink dependent) you get regular rank exp+character exp (equivalent to same rank in solo live) you get regular rewards-gold/items (equivalent to same rank in solo live) you can earn progress for unlocking challenge lives/leader plays starting in v1.2

Virtual Lives

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