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Virtual Live

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Virtual Lives are live concerts held within Project SEKAI. In these lives, characters perform songs and players can react by spending virtual coins for chat messages and emotes.

Lists[edit | edit source]

Types of virtual lives[edit | edit source]

There are different types of virtual lives. After live are virtual lives held after an event. Happy Birthday lives are virtual lives in celebration of a character's birthday or anniversary. There are also virtual lives that celebrate events outside of Project SEKAI, like Halloween in the Halloween 2020 Live.

Virtual live lobby[edit | edit source]

Players can hang out in the virtual live lobby without a concert being held. In this lobby, players can chat with each other, buy costumes, accessories, and animations for their avatar, and interact with the environment. There are benches to sit on, swings to play with, a ball to kick around, and a giant keyboard to play.

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