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Original[edit | edit source]

Translation: VocaSphere
Location: Mafuyu's Room
"A voice message for those who listen to our music, huh.
It looks like K isn't sure
about whether she wants to do it or not."
"Alright, Amia.
I'll give it a go for now."
"I'm Asahina Mafuyu,
also known as Yuki in 25-ji, Nightcord de."
"I'm in charge of
most of the lyrics and mixing in our music circle."
"I used to write my own songs and post them on social media,
so I also help with music composition from time to time."
"In fact, I'm told that K heard
some of the songs I made a long time ago."
"That's when she invited me to join the music circle
that she was forming."
"When I heard that we would only be corresponding over Nightcord
and wouldn't even know each others' face or real names,
I wasn't sure how it would turn out."
"But K was kind enough to invite me,
so I decided to give it a try."
"Thanks to the voice chat function in Nightcord,
our members are able to converse with each other at any time."
"I also felt more relaxed after we learned more about each other,
such as how we're all high school students and live nearby one another."
"And so after a certain occasion,
our whole circle decided to meet in person."
"True, all we did was have a meal together at a family restaurant,
but it was fun nonetheless."
"The four of us then all became really close
and made a pact that we would create great music together,
so we'd appreciate all your continued support."
" was that? Were my answers okay?"
"Ah, I used my real name?
Well, this was only for practice, so I figured it'd be alright."
"...It sounds like I'm really used to giving speeches?"
"Fufu. Well, I'm supposed to be an 'honor student' after all."
"Anyway, I'm sorry
I didn't answer many of the items in the list you made for me, Amia."
"I initially intended to,
but then there were questions about stuff like my favorite food and my hobbies, right?"
"I can't say for sure whether I really like or dislike anything,
so those are hard for me to talk about."
"...I don't have to think too hard about it?"
"Fufu. In that case,
I guess I'll go with my mom's cooking."
"As for other things on the list...
ah, there were goals and things I'd like to accomplish, right?"
"I'd like to raise some fish and other animals
in the aquarium in my room."
"Right. There's nothing but sea plants in it right now."
"...Why, you ask?
Fufu. That's a good question, actually."
"Huh? This has nothing to do with our circle?
Ahaha, you're right."
"I'll think of better answers
if we're going to record our voice messages for real."

3rd Anniversary[edit | edit source]

Location: ?
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