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The Friend List feature allows players to add each other as friends. The friends list can be accessed by the icon with two people on it in the home screen.

Friend requests[edit | edit source]

Sending a friend request[edit | edit source]

Players can send friend request from 3 places:

A custom message can be added in addition to the request.

Receiving a friend request[edit | edit source]

An incoming friend request will first show up in the home screen in the top left. Afterwards, it will appear in the "フレンド追加" (add friend) tab of the friend menu. The red "◯" accepts a friend request while the blue "×" declines a friend request.

Favorites[edit | edit source]

Friends can be favorited using the heart icon. Favorite friends are shown at the top of the friends list.

Status[edit | edit source]

Players can view the status of their friends in the friends list. The status will show if their friend is offline, online, or in the middle of a live.

Japanese English Color
オフライン Offline Grey
オンライン Online Green
ライブ中 In a live Pink
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