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Original[edit | edit source]

Translation: VocaSphere
Location: Lesson Studio
I'm Hinomori Shiho, Leo/need's bassist.
...and that's a wrap.
Now, I'll just play a quick solo and we should be good...
That was too short, you say?
But what else can I talk about...
...how I became interested in music?
I've always liked it.
My mom is a koto instructor, and my dad plays guitar in a band.
...Now, what else?
Ah, you want to know why I chose to play the bass instead of the guitar?
Because I like it. And there's a certain band that I really respect...
The bassist for that band once said,
"The bass had the power to control the mood of the entire venue."
That really hit home for me... and so I decided to play the bass, too.
...my hobbies?
I practice playing my bass whenever I have time.
I guess I also enjoy going to concerts for the bands I like.
As for hobbies outside of music... I don't really have any.
For the longest time, whenever I start to like something, I'd always get completely immersed in it,
be it a picture book or video game... and right now, it's the bass.
...huh? My big sister?
Why do I have to talk about her?
She's got nothing to do with the band.
Well if I have to talk about her... I'd say she sticks out like a sore thumb
and keeps showing her face at the freshman classrooms, so I told her to stop coming by.
It's not that I hate her or anything.
But I like to be left alone.
Look, I'm not doing this part of the MC portion during the real show.
There's no point in talking about stuff other than music.
Anyways, I take this band and all that we do seriously.
I waste no time or effort
to be able to put on the best possible performance that I can.
All the more so if it's with the four of us...
...nah, it's nothing.
Alright, is that enough MC practice for today?
It'd be a waste of time to not get in some band practice, too.
So come on, let's get to it.

3rd Anniversary[edit | edit source]

Location: ?
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