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Hinomori Shizuku/Introduction

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Original[edit | edit source]

Translation: Glens, Stalight_
Location: Miyamasuzaka Girls Academy Rooftop
Fufu. It's been a long time since I did MC for a live. ふふ。 ライブのMCなんて、久しぶり
Ah... Airi-chan, why are you pointing at the smartphone? あら。 愛莉ちゃん、 スマホを指さしてどうしたの?
...Recording has already begun? ……もう録画が始まってる?
Oh, that's right. I'm sorry.
Then, shall we start over from the part when I enter?
そうだったのね。 ごめんなさい。

じゃあ、 出てくるところからやり直せばいい?

...We don't have to go all the way back to the beginning? ……そこまで戻らなくていいの?
Then, let's start from where I'm standing here... じゃあ、 ここに立ったところからで……
Fufu. So Airi-chan will be giving me the cue to start. ふふっ。 愛莉ちゃんがキュー出しをくれるんだね
Well then, if you please... それじゃあ、おねがいします
I'll deliver a small drop of happiness to you.[1] ーひとしずくの幸せ、とどけます
I'm Hinomori Shizuku


First... let me apologize. まずは……謝らせてください
I'm really sorry that I've troubled everyone
and caused people to worry about me.


Before I could stand here like this, I got really lost on the way. ここまで、 すごく迷いました
I continued to be an idol, and along the way, I started to ask myself,
"What does being an idol mean to me...?" And then I just didn't understand it anymore...
アイドルを続ける内に、 私にとってアイドルが


...and just like that, I gave up and quit... そして諦めてしまって……
I didn't know what to do. But there's someone who's been doing their best as an idol
to help me get back on the right track.
でも、 そんな風に迷う私のために


That's why I will start over again. だから、もう一度始めます
Together with Minori-chan,
Haruka-chan, and Airi-chan.
ここにいる、 みのりちゃんや遥ちゃん、


...The reason why I became an idol
is because a friend of mine once invited me to join them on an audition.


But the person who chose this path
is none other than myself.
だけど、 この道を選んだのは


Which is why I don't want to regret
making that decision.
だから、 あの時の自分の選択が間違ってなかったって


The path before me may become steeper and longer... 進む道は、 きっと今まで以上に険しく長いかもしれません
But... even if I were to be lost again this time,
I have my precious friends who will guide me back on the right path.


Fufu. I feel really reassured. ふふ。 とっても心強いです
We'll overcome the present, grow and improve, so that one day... 今を乗り越えて成長して、 いつか……
So one day, we can become a four-leaf clover for everyone.
We'll work extra hard for that goal.

四つ葉のクローバーになれるよう、 がんばります

Everyone, please give us your support. みなさん、 応援よろしくお願いします
...oh? What's wrong, Airi-chan? Your face is all scrunched up
and your eyes are red too... perhaps you have hay fever?
……あら? 愛莉ちゃんどうしたの?

顔がクシャクシャだよ? 目も赤いし、 もしかして花粉症?

Eh! W-Why are you mad...? え? ど、 どうして怒るの……? 
  1. Shizuku's name (雫) can also be read as "droplet".

3rd Anniversary[edit | edit source]

Location: ?
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