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Kiritani Haruka/Introduction

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Original[edit | edit source]

Translation: VocaSphere
Location: Miyamasuzaka Girls Academy Rooftop
Let's brave the distant future together with Haruka![1] みんなで行こう。 遥、 未来に
I'm Kiritani Haruka of MORE MORE JUMP! MORE MORE JUMP! 桐谷遥です
I'm really happy to be able to stand on stage
as an idol again.
こうして、 もう一度アイドルとしてステージに立てて


...even if there are some of you out there who already know who I am. ……知っている人もいると思うけど
When I was little, the simple act of smiling was an ordeal for me.
I had a complex about not being able to smile well.
私は小さい頃、 笑顔がすごく苦手で、


However, it was an idol who finally got me smiling. でも、 そんな私を笑顔にしてくれたのがアイドルだった

"Idols are so amazing to be able to get others smiling in the way that they do.
That's the kind of person I want to be."
「アイドルってすごい。 こんなふうに誰かを笑顔にできるなんて。


With that thought in mind, I became an idol like the one I adore. そう思って、 憧れのアイドルになった
However, I was disappointed with my own performance,
to the point that I stepped down from the stage.
なのに、 勝手に自分に失望して、


But it was then that I was able to meet Minori. でもそんな時に、 みのりに会えた
Minori told me how much she looks up to me,
and wants to become an idol just like me.
みのりは、 言ってくれました。


Just like how I also once looked up to my own idol... かつて私が、 あの人に憧れたように……
Minori says how she herself still isn't idol-worthy yet,
and that we should stick to the three-leaf clover as our group motif...
みのりは、 自分がまだ本当のアイドルじゃないから

グループのモチーフも、 今は三つ葉がいいって言うけど……

But you know, the three-leaf clover has a special meaning in the language of flowers. 三つ葉には三つ葉の花言葉があるんだよ
It carries the meaning of 'hope', as well as 'promise'. 「希望」 ……それと、 「約束」 ……
With Minori, Airi, and Shizuku,
we'll become an idol group who gives others
the hope to strive for a better tomorrow.
私は、 みのりや愛莉、 雫と一緒に、

みんなに “明日がんばる希望” を あげられるようなアイドルになります

Just like how Minori has given me hope. みのりが、 私に希望をくれたように
Furthermore, I promise our fans that
I will never falter as an idol again.
そして、 もう絶対にアイドルとして迷わないって


So from here on out... だから、 これからも……
Please lend me, Kiritani Haruka
of MORE MORE JUMP!, your support forever and ever!

桐谷遥をずっとずーっと、 応援してね♪

Fufu, I got a little too caught up in the moment back there. It surprised me, too. ふふ、 今のはちょっとしたサプライズ
You say I sounded like how you remember seeing me on TV?


Fufu, I'm glad you enjoyed it. ふふ、 喜んでもらえてよかった
Hm? You're grateful to my parents, you say? Why is that? え……なんで私の両親に感謝するの?
You thank them for having me? ……私を生んでくれてありがとう?
Please, you make too big a deal out of it! もう、 大げさだよ
Still, I myself would like to express my gratitude to your parents, Minori.
I'd like to say something like, "Thank you for raising such a wonderful girl who became our dearest friend".
でも、 私の方もみのりのご両親にお礼を言いたいかな。


Whoa, Minori? わっ……みのり?
Fufu, you're at a loss for words?
I understand how you feel, so just calm down, okay?
ふふ。 全然声に出てないよ?

わかったから、 ちょっと落ち着いて。 ね?

  1. Haruka’s name means “far off” or distant,” and she's using its literal meaning here.

3rd Anniversary[edit | edit source]

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