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Translation: VocaSphere
Location: Miyamasuzaka Girls Academy Rooftop
Shizuku, let's review what we're going to do. 雫、 操作方法を復習するわよ
After I go "three, two, one", do you remember what you do next? わたしが3、 2、 1って言ったら、 どうするか覚えてる?
That's right! You press here on the screen. そう! 画面のここをポンっと押すの
This'll be easy even for someone bad with electronics like you, right Shizuku?
Then I'm counting on you for the recording!
機械オンチな雫でも、 これなら簡単でしょ?

それじゃあ録画、 頼んだわよ!

Minori, I'm going to show you the proper way to MC.
Be sure to watch closely!
みのり、 MCのお手本を見せてあげる。


Well... let's start. Three, two, one... さて……じゃあ始めるわよ。 3、 2、 1……
I'll deliver my love to you today too![1] 今日もみんなに愛をデリバリー!

Lovely! Fairy! Airi! I'm Momoi Airi★!

ラブリー! フェアリー! 愛莉ー! 桃井 愛莉ですっ★

Hi everyone! I know I've kept you waiting,
but I'm back and ready to take to the stage once again!
みんなー! わたし、 帰ってきたわよ。


This is the duty of all idols, after all! やっぱり、 アイドルはこうじゃなくっちゃね!
Well, I never expected to be in the same group as Shizuku,
whom I thought was my rival.
まあまさか、 ライバルと思ってた雫と


It's because I have opponents like her near me
that I'm able to get fired up.


But... it's not just Shizuku. それに、 雫だけじゃない
Haruka and Minori are my best friends too!
We support each other and aim for the top together.

支え合って、 高め合っていけるもの

Oh yeah!
You know how our motif is a three-leaf clover?
そうそう、 わたしたちのモチーフは、


Do you guys know what the three-leaf clover means in the language of flowers? みんなは三つ葉のクローバーの花言葉、 知ってる?
Three-leaf clovers represent 'hope' and 'promise' in floriography.
They mean 'love', too!
クローバーの花言葉は 「希望」 と 「約束」 。

そして、 「愛」 よ!

I've made everyone worry, and for that reason,
I'll do my best to become an idol that can properly love everyone- the fans!
心配もかけちゃったけど、 その分、


And we also want to become
a lovable idol group for everyone.
そして、 みんなからも


No, we'll definitely become one!
That's why we welcome your support!
いいえ、 きっとなってみせる!

だからみんな、 応援よろしくね!

...How's that, Minori! Did you learn anything new? ……どう、 みのり! 勉強になったでしょ
The important thing is charm and performance! Not your appearance.
Well... it's still better to look good than bad.
大切なのは、 愛嬌とパフォーマンス力! 顔じゃないわ。

まあ、 いいに越したことはないけどね

But, don't be satisfied with just that.
As an idol, you should always aim higher!
でも、 これで満足なんてしちゃだめよ。

アイドルたるもの、 常に高みを目指さなくちゃ!

With that said... Shizuku, can you show me what you've recorded?
Ok, ok, this should have captured right...
というわけで……雫、 録ったのみせて?

よしよし、 ちゃんと録れて……

...Why's it all blurry?! ……ってブレブレじゃないの!?
It can't be helped... Let's do this one more time,
and be sure to film me properly this time, okay?
しょうがないわねぇ。 もう一度やるから、


Fufu. I'll show you a much more adorable
and cute me this time!
ふふ。 さっきよりもわかいくてキュートな、


  1. She points out the word love a few times, because her first name has the character for love (ai/愛) in it.

3rd Anniversary[edit | edit source]

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