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Hello, this is Project Sekai's development team.

The development team is very grateful to the many people who always play Project Sekai on a daily basis. On the other hand, especially since the 1st Anniversary, the amount of communication problems due to server traffic has been increasing, and we are very sorry that we haven't been able to provide a comfortable playing environment for our users.

We see this issue as highly urgent and have implemented several countermeasures and server enhancements until now. However, even on the day of the 1.5 Year Anniversary, when we have taken all possible measures and expanded the servers to the maximum extent possible, we were still unable to prevent communication problems from happening, bringing to the light the need to address more complex issues.

Since it'll take time to resolve this issue, we felt that it was necessary to explain everything and what we're planning to do to all users, which is the reason why we decided to post this Project Message.

Server traffic up to an after the 1st Anniversary[edit | edit source]

A lot of people have played Project Sekai since its release, and we are very grateful for that. In this context, until the 1st Anniversary, by implementing basic countermeasures for server traffic (to predict in advance the volume of access to events, gachas, and the start of Virtual Live events, which tend to be accessed intensively and have a high possibility of leading to communication problems, and to implement server enhancements that can withstand the expected volume of access), we were able to provide a relatively stable environment, although the traffic could temporarily increase due to the addition of new functions or changes in the server infrastructure.

However, after the 1st Anniversary, we have been able to attract a much larger number of people to play Project Sekai; the number of accesses increased 1.5 times compared to that of 1st Anniversary from January to February this year, and more than twice the number of accesses in March. This rapid increase in the number of accesses has led to an increase in problems that didn't happen before, and it has gradually become clear that the current existing server logic and data processing methods cannot cope with the problems that occur under a certain level of high traffic.

We've worked to solve these problems and issues little by little while simultaneously enhancing our servers. We were ready for the 1.5 Year Anniversary with maximum measures in place, but as mentioned in the beginning, we were still unable to withstand the access traffic, resulting in communication problems.

In response to this situation, we have decided to conduct another overall review and correction of the server logic and data processing methods, which are the main source of the problems, in order to fundamentally resolve the communication problems caused by the heavy traffic. These improvements are expected to take several months to complete, but we will definitely resolve the heavy traffic issue and make every effort to create an enjoyable environment in Project Sekai for everyone.

Temporary measures[edit | edit source]

While we will continue to maximize server capacity until measures are completed by reviewing server logic and data processing methods, we plan to implement a temporary measure. We will start releasing gachas a few hours before events for a while to reduce the traffic that often happens at the start of events and gachas that usually happen at the same time. (This temporary change may also affect other content). We are planning to start this temporary measure from the next event.

Please do note that all of this are temporary, and we are considering returning everything to their original starting time once the above measures are completed and the server traffic issue is resolved.

Regarding Connect Live[edit | edit source]

Due to this server traffic issue, we understand that some people may be concerned with the 2nd round of "Connect Live Rehearsal" performance, and whether it'll still be held as scheduled on April 6th. The basic traffic problem caused by the number of access as reported above, does affect Connect Live too, however, from the experience of the last Connect Live Rehearsal performances, it has been determined that the number of access wasn't as huge as the problem that persists during 1.5 Year Anniversary, and that the communication problems from the previous Connect Live Rehearsal performances wasn't due to access traffic, but due to a problem on the server logic and data processing.

For the Connect Live Rehearsal performances this time, we have implemented measures to correct the server logic and data processing, which were the main causes of failures during the previous performances, as well as execute the maximum server expansion. Therefore, the "Connect Live Rehearsal - Round 2" will be held as scheduled.

Closing remarks[edit | edit source]

Once again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to our users due to the number of communication problems in the game. The entire development team is committed to resolving these communication problems and making the game more enjoyable for everyone.

We look forward to your continued support for "Project Sekai."

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