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Translation: Marumain
Location: Lesson Studio
みんな、楽しんでますか? Is everyone enjoying themselves?
Leo/need (レオニード) の
I’m Ichika Hoshino,
the guitarist and vocalist for Leo/need.
Thank you for coming to watch our show.
えっと…… Um…


That’s my best shot at a greeting for the real thing,
but what else should an MC talk about…
Oh, my hobbies?
Hobbies, huh… I don’t really have any in particular…
Ah, I do listen to Miku songs a lot. I really like them.
…When do I listen to them?
Whenever I’m free… ah, and I also listen to them
when I’m feeling down or lonely.
When I do, they help me calm down a little.
Also, when I first got my guitar from my dad,
I wondered if I could play Miku songs on it, so I started practicing them.
Ah… now that I think about it,
it was at that moment when my dad told me how I got my name.
My parents both like the same song,
and that was how they met.
Then they fell in love and later had me…

They met over a song, and were blessed with a child.
So for that reason, they gave me the name Ichika. (Note)

My dad told me how he hopes that I, too,
can someday meet someone precious to me through a song.
(I guess Saki, Honami, and Shiho are kind of like that to me…)
Ah, it’s nothing.
Now, what else should I talk about…?
…What my future goals are?
Hmm, let me think…
After starting high school, I wasn’t able to find what it is that I want to do,
and just sort of passed each day without a real purpose…
But then I was able to start a band with Saki,
and then Honami and Shiho joined us, too.
A lot of stuff happened between us before that…
But now we spend our days together as four childhood friends.
It’s a lot of fun, and makes me very happy.
So I want to do my very best
for this band that the four us have created.
…So, um, how was that?
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