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Tsukasa —I always wanted to make my sister smile. Japanese
Tsukasa My sister, Saki, couldn’t even go to school much, as she was sickly, and I was always thinking about how I could make her smile. Japanese
Tsukasa But when I was young, and didn’t know what to do. Japanese
Tsukasa One day, my parents brought me and Saki to a show… Japanese
Tsukasa and that day was unforgettable. Japanese
Young Saki Wah…! That’s so amazing! Japanese
Young Saki Big bro, that person’s so cool! They're shining! Japanese
Young Tsukasa Yeah…! It's amazing! It really is amazing! Japanese
Young Tsukasa (Saki’s smiling…! How long has it been since she last smiled like this?) Japanese
Young Tsukasa (And it’s not just Saki. Mom and Dad are, too - every time the lead sings and dances, their smiles grow bigger… He’s so bright and cool!) Japanese
Young Tsukasa (Hah… I guess that’s why you call the lead the “star”…?) Japanese
Young Saki …This is so much fun, I’m sad that it has to end. I wish I could see a show like this every day. Japanese
Young Saki But… I can’t go outside much… that’s probably impossible. Japanese
Young Tsukasa Saki… Japanese
Young Tsukasa …I got it! Then— Japanese
Several years later...
Tsukasa's Room
Tsukasa It's here! The day has finally come! Japanese
Tsukasa The sun is shining, and there's not a cloud in the sky! The heavens are most certainly celebrating my debut as a star! Japanese
Tsukasa Hahaha! As expected of me! I’m sure I’ll pass the audition with flying colors. Japanese
Saki Bro, Mom told me to tell you to stop being so loud. Japanese
Tsukasa Oh, it’s you, Saki. I’m not really being loud, just doing my vocal exercises, where I talk to the wall. Japanese
Saki Isn’t that the same as talking to yourself...? Japanese
Saki Ohhh, yeah, you have your part-time job interview today! Good luck, bro! Japanese
Tsukasa Not interview, "audition"! It sounds cooler that way. Japanese
Saki Ahaha, you’re always so particular about the weirdest things. Japanese
Tsukasa In any case, how’s school going for you, Saki? Don’t push yourself just because you’ve gotten better. Japanese
Saki Thanks for the thought, bro, but I’m totally fine now! I’m going to enjoy my time in high school as much as I can! Japanese
Tsukasa I see. I'm glad, then. Japanese
Saki But, I’m happy. I feel like you're getting closer to achieving your dream. You’ve always been saying that you’d be a star someday. Japanese
Saki Hm... now that I think about it, what pushed you to want to become a star in the first place? Japanese
Saki Ever since we were little, you've always been saying “I’ll become a star,” but… Japanese
Tsukasa What pushed me to want to become a star? Obviously it was… Ummm… Hm… What was it…? Japanese
Saki Eh?! Bro, you forgot something that important about yourself? Japanese
Tsukasa It just slipped my mind! Uhm, ummmm… ah, obviously it's… y'know! Japanese
Tsukasa It’s because the heavens have gifted me so much talent! I can’t let that go to waste. Japanese
Saki For real…? Japanese
Saki Ahaha, now that you mention it, I feel like that might've been it. That's on brand for you. Japanese
Tsukasa I-it is! Of course, I’ll also gallantly pass today’s audition. Japanese
Tsukasa And I'll— become a star no matter what! Japanese
Tsukasa Hm? Japanese
Tsukasa Did my phone just light up…? Japanese
Saki Mm? Really? Anyways, you have to hurry up and get ready! Good luck, bro! Japanese
Tsukasa Oh, yeah... Japanese
Tsukasa Mm, I don't think I got a message or anything… Weird. Japanese
Tsukasa (Though, why *did* I want to become a star? I feel like I’ve forgotten something crucial…) Japanese
Tsukasa Mm? What’s this song? “Untitled”? Japanese
Tsukasa Uwah!! So bright..?! Japanese
Tsukasa …Hm? Is this… a show stage? Japanese
Tsukasa I should have just been in my room, but when I played that song, it just… Mmmm? No, this has to be a dream. Japanese
Tsukasa (But these props and set pieces are quite weird. What kind of shows are they used in?) Japanese
Tsukasa (…And, I don't know what it is, but being here makes me feel… weirdly nostalgic.) Japanese
Miku Yaho~☆ Tsukasa-kun! Japanese
Tsukasa Wha?! Who are you?! Japanese
Miku I'm Miku~! Japanese
Tsukasa Miku… You mean, like THE Hatsune Miku? I suppose you do look the part... Japanese
KAITO I’m here too, Tsukasa-kun. Welcome! Japanese
Tsukasa Owah!? And you’re... Kaito..!? Both Miku and Kaito are here, so that must mean… Japanese
Tsukasa That this really is a dream! It must be! But when could I have fallen asleep…? Japanese
Miku This is a Sekai, Tsukasa-kun! Japanese
Tsukasa Huh? Sekai…? Japanese
KAITO That’s right. This Sekai, is a place born from your feelings. Japanese
Tsukasa Born... from my feelings...? W-What are you talking about? I don’t understand! And just what are you two doing here!? Japanese
KAITO Miku and I are here because we want you to find your true feelings. Japanese
KAITO Because if you can find them, you'll bring forth a song! Japanese
Tsukasa Hm… I see, I see… A song from my feelings… Japanese
Tsukasa I still don't understand at all!! Japanese
Miku Eh~~!?!? Japanese
Tsukasa In any case, I found my true feelings long ago! I’m going to become the world’s number one star! Japanese
Miku Hm~ You're not *wrong*, but... Japanese
KAITO Tsukasa-kun, do you remember why you decided you wanted to be a star? Japanese
Tsukasa Why? Becuase... y'know. Japanese
Tsukasa If I, being the prodigy I am, become the greatest star in the world, I’ll be able to give the greatest show in the world! Japanese
Miku Yup, yup! Japanese
Tsukasa And then everyone who comes to watch… Japanese
Miku They'll…? Japanese
Tsukasa Certainly focus only on me!! They'll shed tears of joy just from watching me, the star, peform! Japanese
Miku Um… I guess you really have forgotten~ Japanese
KAITO Tsukasa-kun… Japanese
Tsukasa What is it? And why do you look like you’re pitying me?! Japanese
KAITO Sorry, sorry. I'd be happy if you were able to find your true feelings, even if it takes a while. Japanese
KAITO But… If you felt nostalgic when coming to this Sekai… don't forget that feeling, okay? Japanese
Tsukasa Nostalgic… How did you know…? Japanese
Miku Next time, come to the Sekai with everyone, Tsukasa-kun. Let’s all sing together and make a fun show ☆ Japanese
Miku I’m sure everyone else feels the same as you! Japanese
Tsukasa Hey, who’s "everyone else"? The only thing I’ve done since I've come here is ask questions! Japanese
KAITO You’ll meet them soon. If you continue to want to find your true feelings, that is. Japanese
Miku Alright then, Tsukasa-kun! Until we meet again, bye-bye ☆ Japanese
Tsukasa E-Eh!? W-What do you mean, meet again!? H-Hey!! Japanese
Tsukasa's Room
Tsukasa H-huh…? Japanese
Tsukasa Was I sleeping? I feel like I had a really weird dream… and there was an oddly energetic Hatsune Miku… Japanese
Saki Bro! Aren’t you going to your part-time job interview? You're gonna be late! Japanese
Tsukasa I-I know! And I told you, it's an "audition"! Japanese
Saki Whatever! Go, go! And take care! Japanese
Phoenix Wonderland
Tsukasa …Heh. I thought I would barely make it, but with haste, I was able to get here with time to spare. As expected of me! Japanese
Tsukasa Hehe, today is the day where I take my first step to becoming a star. First things first, I must stand out the most at the audition. Japanese
Tsukasa Now then! My very own show stage is waiting for me! Japanese
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