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Yoisaki Kanade/Introduction

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Original[edit | edit source]

Translation: VocaSphere
Location: Kanade's Room

What kind of list is posted on this chatroom?"



"Record your voice for your member introduction?" 『…メンバー紹介のために、音声を録る?』
"This doesn't feel necessary.

I prefer that people only hear my music..."



"...well, I do see your point. It may get people talking about us more

if we were to post such messages, since we're such a mystery to them otherwise."



(Plus, it may be worth it if it helps our music

reach just a few more people...)



"...Okay. I'll give it a test run." 『....分かった。試すだけなら、いいよ』
"Would it be okay if I just add my message to this list?" 『このリストに渋って喋ればいいの?』
"...Got it. Then I'll begin with my name..."
"Yoisaki Kanade,

composer for 25-ji, Nightcord de."


I should use my username instead of my real name?"

"In that case... let me start again..."
"...My name is K."
"I mainly write music,

but I also sing completed songs with others in my circle."

"That's because four people singing

gives a song greater musicality than just one person alone."

"Next is... how our circle got its name?"
"25:00 is when we all meet,

and Nightcord is the name of the communication tool we use."

"Nightcord is really helpful

with both its voice chat and file-sharing functions."

"...When did you start?

I've actually been writing music ever since I was a child..."

"But it was in middle school that I started getting serious about it. All the music I make is done digitally."
"Next is... food that I like?"
"Is this really necessary, Amia?

My favorite foods have nothing to do with music or our circle..."

"...hmm, I see.

Since this is just a test, I'll try answering..."

"I enjoy eating cup noodles. All they require is boiled water to be eaten,

so as long as I have water, I can make do with them."

"They don't require much time to prepare or eat,

and I wish to save as much time as possible for

music composition and getting input for inspiration."

"For that reason, I'm content with just taking courses online for high school."
"As long as I have an internet connection,

I'll get by on cup noodles

and can correspond with my circle members via Nightcord's voice chat function."

"Last one is... aspirations?"
"...My aspiration is to create songs -even if it's just one song-

that can make people happy. I've created my circle for that purpose..."

"...and for my dad..."
", it's nothing."
"Okay, I'm finished."
"But if we're really going to upload this,

I'd like to change the content a bit and record my voice for real."

"...Right. Contact me again when the time comes."

3rd Anniversary[edit | edit source]

Translation: -_-bubble
Location: Kanade's Room
"<...Huh? You want to make another self-introduction for Niigo?> 『……え? 前やった“ニーゴの自己紹介”を、またやってみる?』
"<Why this all of a sudden?

I thought we decided not to upload the last one because it didn't fit with the atmosphere of our songs?>"

『なんで急に? 前も結局、うちの曲の雰囲気にあわないから、 使わないってことになったはずだけど……』
"<...You had fun introducing yourself in your new class,

so you want to do it again just for the sake of it?>

『……新しいクラスの自己紹介が楽しかったから、 息抜きにみんなでやりたい?』
"<...I see.> 『……なるほど』
"<Well, yeah.

I think it's good to do things like this occasionally for fun.>"

『まあ、そうだね。 たまにはこういう息抜きも、悪くないかも』
"<What should I talk about?

Well, first would be my name... I guess?>"

『それじゃあ何を話そうかな。 とりあえず、名前……かな』
"<Um... I'm in charge of the song composition for "Nightcord at

25:00", Yoisaki Kanade... ah no, K.>"

『えっと……“25時、ナイトコードで。”で 主に作曲を担当している、宵崎 奏……あ、Kです』
"<What else... oh right. I'm also the one who started this group.>" 『あとは……ああ、そうだ。 このサークルを作ったのも、自分です』
"" 『わたしは元々、子供の頃から曲を作っていたんですけど——』
"<...After some circumstances, I decided on composing as many

songs as possible so that I can bring happiness to others.>

『……あることがきっかけで、 1曲でも多く、誰かを幸せにする曲を作らなくちゃって 思うようになって』
"<Along the way, I happened to meet everyone here. I reached out

to them and we formed the current group.>"

『それで曲を作っていく中で、 みんなのことを知って、声をかけて、 ひとつのサークルになっていったんです』
"<A lot's happened, huh? Meeting everyone, making songs together...>" 『みんなと出会って、一緒に曲を作るようになって…… 本当にいろんなことがありました』
"<We ran into troubles, got to know one another, and I was taught

many new perspectives I hadn't seen before...>"

『ぶつかって、お互いのことを知って、 自分になかった考えかたや感じかたを たくさん教えてもらって……』
"<I'm sure I wouldn't be able to compose the songs I have if I was alone.>" 『——きっとわたしは、ひとりだったら、 今みたいな曲を作れていなかったと思います』
"<Niigo has only made it this far because of its current members.

That's what I believe>"

『みんながいたから、今のニーゴがある。 そう思っています』
"<So, um... basically...>" 『だからえっと……つまり……』
"<It'd make me happy to continue on making more songs with you all.>" 『これからも一緒に、曲を作っていけたら嬉しいな』
"<...Something like this, maybe>" 『……ふぅ。こんな感じかな』
"<What? It stopped being a self-introduction halfway through?>" 『え? 途中から自己紹介じゃなくなってる?』
"<Ah... right.

I was talking to you guys at the end there.>"

『あ、たしかに。 最後、みんなに向けて話しちゃってたな』
"<Still... you are the only ones who'll listen to this anyway.

So perhaps it's better that I refer to you all instead.>"

『でも……これを聞いてるのは雪達だし。 話すなら、そっちに向けて話したほうがいいかなって』
"<Anyway... I hope we can continue to get along.>" 『そういうわけで—— これからもよろしく』
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