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This guide covers how to recover your account. Credit goes to NotHatsuneMiku#7588, giraty#9215, EbiBalado#3039, PSP#5990, and Arche#8888.


  1. Fill out the form
  2. Receive an automated reply
  3. Receive a response from support

Fill out the form

The account recovery form

First, access the form with these steps:

  1. Launch the Project SEKAI app (do not tap to start)
  2. Tap the hamburger (3 horizontal bars) in the top right.
  3. Tap on the middle button labelled "サポート" (this has a question mark icon)
  4. Scroll to the bottom, and select "データ引き継ぎ • 復旧" from the dropdown menu
  5. Tap on the button labelled "メールでお問い合わせ"
  6. The form should now appear in your phone's default browser.

Next, begin filling out the form. Note that all fields are required. Use the following table as guidance when filling out the form.

Field Field (English) Notes
引継ぎID Transfer ID If you don't have one or haven't used one before, put "設定していない"
ご利用時の機種名 Name of Device Used
復旧希望アカウントのプレイヤー名 Account Player Name
復旧希望アカウントのランク Account Player Rank
所持している★4メンバー 4☆ Cards Owned Use this card list or's card list
設定した生年月日 Birthdate This is the birth date set in the Crystal Shop. If you didn't set it, put "設定していない"
有償アイテムの購入履歴 If you have In-App Purchase History (Yes/No)
お問い合わせ内容 Questions/Support Contents

After the form is filled out, press the button labelled "送信". This will open your phone's default mail app and draft an email to with the information filled from the form.

Automated reply

After sending the email, you should receive an automatic reply stating that the email was received. If this email doesn't arrive within the next day, try checking your spam filters.

Support response

Sometime later, support will then reply with an email. Support may send an additional email. The following show both emails.

First email

Email Contents Notes
お客さま Dear customer,
いつも「プロジェクトセカイ カラフルステージ! feat. 初音ミク」をご利用いただきありがとうございます。


Thank you for playing Project Sekai Colorful Stage! feat Hatsune Miku.

We are from the management team of Project Sekai.

このたびは、「データ引き継ぎ」についてご連絡いただくお手数をおかけし恐れ入ります。 We apologized for the trouble and thanks for your inquiry about data transfer.
データ引き継ぎの調査につきましては、お客さまの大切なデータとなりますため、誤ったアカウントをご案内することがないよう、慎重に対応させていただいております。 We are very careful with our investigation regarding data transfer so we don't want to provide you with incorrect account, as this is your important data.


If you still want to recover your account, please reply with the details below. If you don’t want to recover your account just ignore this email.

そのため、お客さまにはお手数をおかけいたしますが、下記の項目に沿って回答をご記載のうえで再度ご連絡くださいますようお願いいたします。 ※すでにご申告いただいている内容につきましても、改めてご記載いただけますと幸いです

We will use the information you provide us to identify your account as well as your identification.

We apologize for any inconvenience we caused to you , but we we'll appreciate if you could contact us again with your answer to the following questions. We would appreciate it if you could re-state the information you have already provided.

【ご購入情報】 Purchase status




※レシートメールが確認できない場合 以下のURL先を参考に購入履歴をご確認のうえ、スクリーンショットをご用意ください。

If you ever purchased a paid item, please upload the screenshot of your purchase receipt:

・If you're on Android device, provide a screenshot that contains receipt number (starts with GPA~)

・If you're on Apple device, provide a screenshot that contains following info: Application name, purchase amounts, item purchased, date and time of purchase.

※If you cannot confirm your purchase email, please refer to this link and take and upload the screenshot [click on link provided based on your device]


・購入日時 ・購入金額 ・購入アイテム名

If you don't have the screenshot that shows the purchase information of the paid item, please provide us with:

・Purchase date

・Purchase amount

・Name of purchased item

◇情報をいただけない場合はその理由を添えてお知らせください: ◇If you can't share any information, please let us know the reason.
Usage status
◆プレイヤー名: Player Name
◆プレイヤーID: Player ID
◆プレイヤーランク: Player Rank
◆連携しているTwitter ID: The Twitter ID you linked the account with



Transfer code you ever generated in past.

※If you still have the screenshot of it please do upload as well.

Transfer ID:


例)iPhone11、SOV34など ※型番もしくは世代やインチ数まで正式にお答えください

====== Phone model used to install the game: ======

※Example: iPhone7、SOV34、etc

※※Try to provide the model number, generation, and size in inches as well.


例)2020/9/30 15時 など

====== Last login date and time in YYYY/M/DD format ======

※Example: 2020/9/30 15時

※※Try to use Japan Standard Time (GMT+9)


例)iPhone11、SOV34など ※型番もしくは世代やインチ数まで正式にお答えください

====== Phone model used on your last login ======

※Example: iPhone7、SOV34、etc

※※Try to provide the model number, generation, and size in inches as well.

◆ アプリに登録した生年月日:

例)2000/9/30 など

The birthday you set to the account in YYYY/M/DD format

※Example: 2000/9/30 etc.



Player ID of friends in your account (up to 5 people)

※Not their name

◆クリスタルの所持数: Number of crystals you own




====== The name of *4 cards you have (up to 4) ======

※This needs to be in the official Japanese name

Example: [みんなにお披露目]初音ミク

※※Stage cards that AREN'T in your main team.

※※※If you don't have *4 cards please state your *3 cards instead.



====== The official name of the cards whose side story you already unlocked (up to 4) ======

※Example: [みんなにお披露目]初音ミク


※特訓後となっているメンバー 例)[みんなにお披露目]初音ミク

The official name of the cards you have max leveled that IS NOT in your main team (up to 4)

※Cards that are trained and max leveled

※※Example: [みんなにお披露目]初音ミク


・選択したキャラクター: ・ユニットに編成しているメンバー名:


====== About Challenge Live: ======

・Character name you chose:

・Cards used in the team:

※The official name of the cards you use in the live


例)「初音ミク」をリーダーにして10回ライブしよう、「星乃 一歌」スタンプを2種類入手しよう

====== Character whose missions you have completed ======

※Example: 「初音ミク」をリーダーにして10回ライブしよう、「星乃 一歌」スタンプを2種類入手しよう \

Transl: Play with Hatsune Miku as Leader 10 times, buy Hoshino Ichika's stamps two times



====== The official name of cards with unlocked side story: ======

※Example: [みんなにお披露目]初音ミク



例)[みんなにお披露目]初音ミク ・ ・ ・ ・

====== The official name of cards you already max leveled that IS NOT in your main team (up to 4) ======

※Trained AND max leveled cards

Example: [みんなにお披露目]初音ミク


※交換した楽曲名ではありません 例)初音ミクのアナザーボーカルカード×1枚 ・ ・ ・ ・

====== The another vocal cards of characters you have ======

※Not the ones you already used

※Example: 初音ミクのアナザーボーカルカード×1枚

Transl: Hatsune Miku's another vocal card x 1









The Master Rank of cards that IS NOT in your main team

Example: Member name:







About last song you play in Challenge Live:


Song name:



Names of your teams (up to 3)



The number of slot your main team is placed in:

Example: 3

※Not team name

回答いただく項目が多く、お客さまにはお手数をおかけいたしますが、ご協力のほどよろしくお願いいたします。 Sorry for long questions and the inconvenience we have caused you, but we hope you could cooperate.
それではお客さまからのご連絡をお待ちしております。 We are waiting for your reply.

Second email

Email Contents Notes
◇「想いのカケラ」の所持数: ====== Number of fragment of feelings you have ======

例)「初音ミク」をリーダーにして10回ライブしよう、「星乃 一歌」スタンプを2種類入手しよう

====== Character missions you've completed ======

※Example: Use Miku as your leader 10 times; Get 2 stamps of Ichika, etc ・

◇「ライブ」ミッションの獲得ライブP: ====== How many Live Mission points you had: ======

※Live Mission is the "battle pass" style thing where you get points and rewards from playing songs and participating in events.


====== Regular Missions you've completed ======


====== Achievement Missions you've completed ======

※List the ones that gives badge


====== Rarity and official names for cards with their levels maxed, that weren't in your main team ======


Members that you own vocal cards for:








====== Name of cards with increased Master Ranks level that is not in your main team ======

※Indicated on the triangle in the bottom right of the card. ※Try to list cards with higher rarities to make it easier identifying your account.

・Card Name:


・Card Name:


・Card Name:


・Card Name:





====== The title and difficulty of the last song you played in Solo Live ======

・Song name:





====== The title and difficulty of the last song you played in Challenge Live ======

※The character-exclusive live that you can do once a day

・Song name:



====== Any team names you've applied ======

※Example: Changing ユニット1 to "Main", "Event run", etc.


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