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Titles (or Badges) can be displayed on a player's Profile page. Players can equip a maximum of 3 titles at any given time. Locked titles can be obtained by meeting the specified unlock requirements for each title. Once a title is obtained, if it has a Title Bonus this will be automatically added to your teams.

The following are list of Titles that you can obtain in Project SEKAI COLORFUL STAGE!

Character titles[edit | edit source]

Character titles can be obtained through hitting certain milestones while raising the character rank of certain characters.

Kizuna Rank titles[edit | edit source]

Kizuna Rank titles can be obtained by ranking up the Kizuna Rank between characters. There are 11 ranks of titles in this category. The 1st rank of these titles is obtained by reaching Kizuna Rank rank 5, with a higher title rank for every additional 5 ranks (the maximum being Kizuna Rank title rank 11 at Kizuna Rank rank 55).

Achievement titles[edit | edit source]

Achievement titles can be obtained through completing achievements. Achievement titles are unlocked by meeting the requirements of the title and obtaining it from the mission list.

Event titles[edit | edit source]

Event titles can be obtained through participation in events. Event titles can only be obtained during the certain event time period. Birthday titles can only be obtained after attending the character's virtual live on the birthday date.

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