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Mysterious seed

From Sekaipedia
Mysterious seed
RomajiFushigi na Tane
EnglishMysterious seed
Item Description
Can be delivered to the gardening club in exchange for area items. You can get them at live events.

Mysterious seeds are used to upgrade attribute area items and can be obtained through lives.

Sources[edit | edit source]

Mysterious seeds can be obtained from:

Event Shop[edit | edit source]

In every Event Shop, players are able to purchase up to 10 mysterious seeds for 1000 event coins each.

Challenge Live[edit | edit source]

By clearing the daily Challenge Live, players receive 2 mysterious seeds. In addition, players can select 10 mysterious seeds as their reward after completing the weekly Challenge Stamp.

Kakera Exchange Shop[edit | edit source]

Players can exchange 200 fragments of feelings for 10 mysterious seeds in the Kakera Exchange Shop.

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