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CV Tomori Kusunoki Birthday February 10th
School Homeschooled Height 154cm
Kanade suffered an experience that has left her traumatized as a serious musician. Since then, her motto has been, "I must continue creating songs that make others happy", and started "25-ji, Nightcord de." where she writes music.
Hobbies Finding and listening to music
Watching/reading movies, manga, anime, and fine art books
Talents Keeping track of time without a clock
Favorite Food Cup noodles
Canned food
Favorite Food
Coriander, natto, smelly food
Dislikes Direct sunlight
Any kind of housework
Translation: VocaSphere
Location: Kanade's Room
Kanade-circle.png "...Amia.

What kind of list is posted on this chatroom?"



Kanade-circle.png "Record your voice for your member introduction?" 『…メンバー紹介のために、音声を録る?』
Kanade-circle.png "This doesn't feel necessary.

I prefer that people only hear my music..."



Kanade-circle.png "...well, I do see your point. It may get people talking about us more

if we were to post such messages, since we're such a mystery to them otherwise."



Kanade-circle.png (Plus, it may be worth it if it helps our music

reach just a few more people...)



Kanade-circle.png "...Okay. I'll give it a test run." 『....分かった。試すだけなら、いいよ』
Kanade-circle.png "Would it be okay if I just add my message to this list?" 『このリストに渋って喋ればいいの?』
Kanade-circle.png "...Got it. Then I'll begin with my name..."
Kanade-circle.png "Yoisaki Kanade,

composer for 25-ji, Nightcord de."

Kanade-circle.png "...huh?

I should use my username instead of my real name?"

Kanade-circle.png "In that case... let me start again..."
Kanade-circle.png "...My name is K."
Kanade-circle.png "I mainly write music,

but I also sing completed songs with others in my circle."

Kanade-circle.png "That's because four people singing

gives a song greater musicality than just one person alone."

Kanade-circle.png "Next is... how our circle got its name?"
Kanade-circle.png "25:00 is when we all meet,

and Nightcord is the name of the communication tool we use."

Kanade-circle.png "Nightcord is really helpful

with both its voice chat and file-sharing functions."

Kanade-circle.png "...When did you start?

I've actually been writing music ever since I was a child..."

Kanade-circle.png "But it was in middle school that I started getting serious about it. All the music I make is done digitally."
Kanade-circle.png "Next is... food that I like?"
Kanade-circle.png "Is this really necessary, Amia?

My favorite foods have nothing to do with music or our circle..."

Kanade-circle.png "...hmm, I see.

Since this is just a test, I'll try answering..."

Kanade-circle.png "I enjoy eating cup noodles. All they require is boiled water to be eaten,

so as long as I have water, I can make do with them."

Kanade-circle.png "They don't require much time to prepare or eat,

and I wish to save as much time as possible for

music composition and getting input for inspiration."

Kanade-circle.png "For that reason, I'm content with just taking courses online for high school."
Kanade-circle.png "As long as I have an internet connection,

I'll get by on cup noodles

and can correspond with my circle members via Nightcord's voice chat function."

Kanade-circle.png "Last one is... aspirations?"
Kanade-circle.png "...My aspiration is to create songs -even if it's just one song-

that can make people happy. I've created my circle for that purpose..."

Kanade-circle.png "...and for my dad..."
Kanade-circle.png "...no, it's nothing."
Kanade-circle.png "Okay, I'm finished."
Kanade-circle.png "But if we're really going to upload this,

I'd like to change the content a bit and record my voice for real."

Kanade-circle.png "...Right. Contact me again when the time comes."
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