Akiyama Mizuki/Profile

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CV Hinata Satou Birthday August 27th
School Kamiyama High School Height 163cm
Class 1-A
Mizuki's a moody person who loves cute things. They were captivated by Kanade's music upon listening to it, and like to upload MVs online. This caught Kanade's attention, and Mizuki was thus invited to join "25-ji, Nightcord de." However, Mizuki has a secret that no one else in the group knows about...
Hobbies Gathering materials for MVs
Making collages
Talents Modifying Western-style clothes
Favorite Food Curry rice
French fries
Favorite Food
Dislikes Spicy food
Translation: VocaSphere
Location: Mizuki's Room
Mizuki-circle.png "Time to record my voice message
for our listeners!"
Mizuki-circle.png "K and the others gave theirs a try first, but now it's finally time for me,
Akiyama Mizuki, to step up to bat!"
Mizuki-circle.png "I'll be showing you how it's done,
so listen closely!"
Mizuki-circle.png "Hey everyone!
Thanks for always listening to our music!"
Mizuki-circle.png "I'm Amia,
the video producer for 25-ji, Nightcord de."
Mizuki-circle.png "It's finally my turn, so today,
I'll be telling you how I came to be our video producer."
Mizuki-circle.png "I've always loved cute things
and would make collages out of them."
Mizuki-circle.png "At one point, a thought crossed my mind.
If the images in my collages could move,
wouldn't that make them all the more cute!"
Mizuki-circle.png "So then I started using an app for creating videos and got straight to work."
Mizuki-circle.png "It was around that time when I met K."
Mizuki-circle.png "The songs that K uploaded online
would always pierce straight into my heart!"
Mizuki-circle.png "Unable to control myself,
I'd unwittingly find myself creating and uploading videos for K's songs."
Mizuki-circle.png "I'm also quite the tour de force at singing,
if I do say so myself."
Mizuki-circle.png "And so, after watching my videos,
K invited me to join the circle♪"
Mizuki-circle.png "Ah.. I believe Enanan also joined
at around the same time as me."
Mizuki-circle.png "Whatever the case, it's pretty mysterious, isn't it?"
Mizuki-circle.png "We don't know each others' faces or real name,
yet we still log in to Nightcord every night at our decided time to meet up,
work on each of our respective roles, then say our goodbyes."
Mizuki-circle.png "Singing the songs that we create together
is lots of fun, though."
Mizuki-circle.png "Well, we would all record our singing in our rooms,
so they're actually all separate recordings."
Mizuki-circle.png "What else is there...
ah, now I tell you about things I like, huh."
Mizuki-circle.png "My favorite foods are curry rice and french fries."
Mizuki-circle.png "I also love cute clothes!
I make sure to wear something cute everyday, and even make some of my own outfits."
Mizuki-circle.png "But you know, when I wear or make cute outfits,
it sometimes surprises others."
Mizuki-circle.png "Hmm. I am who I am, after all,
and I wish people could just understand me better."
Mizuki-circle.png "I get the feeling that K knows that much about me,
so it's easy to get along with her."
Mizuki-circle.png "Yuki and Enanan are also really interesting people,
so being in this circle never gets boring, not even for a moody person like me."
Mizuki-circle.png "The four of us will continue making music together,
so we'd appreciate your continued support."
Mizuki-circle.png "...so how was that, K?
That's the gist of what I had in mind."
Mizuki-circle.png "...what!?
We can't use that because it doesn't fit with the image created by our songs...!?"
Mizuki-circle.png "So we have to discard it all!?
Aww, and it felt so right doing it, too~"
Mizuki-circle.png "Well, I do see your point.
I wouldn't want to clash with the vibe created by your songs,
or Yuki's lyrics and Enanan's illustrations."
Mizuki-circle.png "Alright, I guess we'll keep on being
an enigmatic music circle for a while longer♪"
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