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Original[edit | edit source]

Translation: VocaSphere
Location: Lesson Studio
Hello, everyone.
I'm Leo/need's drummer, Mochizuki Honami.
In middle school, I played percussion for the wind instrument club,
and that's how I became our drummer.
Um... ah, and I like star-gazing.
At night, I often find myself looking up into the sky.
...I even once watched a meteor shower
with my childhood friends...
I can still remember clearly how
bright and beautiful all those shooting stars were.
Also... one of my hobbies is walking my dog.
Fufu. My dog is an adorable shiba inu named Shibao.
It makes him really happy when I brush his coat,
so I do that a lot, too.
As for my specialty, that would be housework.
I'm pretty good at cooking and cleaning in general.
I especially love apple pie and bake it myself often.
I'm even a member of my high school home economics club, and recently took up knitting, too...
This sounds more like a marriage interview than an MC intro?
I-I guess it kind of does... I don't know what I should be talking about.
Eh!? N-no, please don't ask me about drawing...! uh, about my part-time job, you ask?
Well, it's kind of an unusual case.
It may be on-topic for now, but...
It wouldn't be very kind to Yoisaki-san to mention it,
so I'd like to talk about something other than my job...
So instead... um, maybe something related to my band...
Well then,
I'd like to share my feelings for my band members.
Um... you see, when we started our band,
a lot of incidents happened between us...
But now, I'm so happy to be in this band with Saki-chan and the others.
They mean the world to me.
So to answer their feelings,
I strive to support them all by drumming as best as I can.
This has been Mochizuki Honami of Leo/need.
Thank you, everyone!
So, how was that?
Um, what's the matter, everyone?
That last part... sounded like a love confession?
Eh? But I was just being honest with my feelings...
W-why is everyone blushing?
Now you're making me feel embarrassed too...

3rd Anniversary[edit | edit source]

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