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Project SEKAI Wondershow Channel 16

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Project SEKAI Wondershow Channel #16 is the 16th episode of the Project SEKAI Wondershow Channel. It was live on January 19, 2022 at 19:00 JST. This episode was hosted by Hirose Daisuke and Toki Shunichi, seiyuus of Tenma Tsukasa and Kamishiro Rui, respectively. Guests for this episode were Nakashima Yuki, Hinomori Shiho's sieyuu, and Akina, Azusawa Kohane's seiyuu.

Wonderhoy Challenge[edit | edit source]

Contest winners[edit | edit source]

14th Project SEKAI Costume Design Campaign[edit | edit source]

The winners of the 14th Costume Design Campaign were "Hip-Hoppin’ candy cat" for ladies and " MIKU MIKU POP!" for men. These costumes will be a part of the premium pass rewards for May 2022.

Game news[edit | edit source]

Birthdays and anniversaries[edit | edit source]

Upcoming are Mafuyu's and Kanade's birthdays and Luka's and KAITO's anniversaries.

Character Birthday / anniversary
Mafuyu January 27th
Luka January 30th
Kanade February 10th
KAITO February 17th

There will be new birthday titles given by attending the birthday / anniversary virtual live. In addition, limited-time items will be sold.

Upcoming songs[edit | edit source]

The following songs will be added to the game at a later time:

Song Producers VIRTUAL SINGER ver. singers SEKAI ver. singers
Odo DECO*27, Giga, and TeddyLoid Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len Azusawa Kohane and Shiraishi An
Usseewa syudou Hatsune Miku Asahina Mafuyu and Akiyama Mizuki
Shinpakusuu♯0822 Chouchou-P Hatsune Miku Hatsune Miku, Hoshino Ichika, and Mochizuki Honami
Aishite Aishite Aishite Kikuo Hatsune Miku Hatsune Miku, Asahina Mafuyu, and Shinonome Ena
Kimiiro Marine Snow Carlos Hakamada Hatsune Miku

Upcoming commissioned songs[edit | edit source]

Vivid BAD SQUAD will be getting a new original song composed by Chinozo. Leo/need will be getting a new original song composed by MikitoP.

Upcoming collaborations[edit | edit source]

Ado tie-up[edit | edit source]

Odo and Usseewa will be added to the game as a part of the Ado tie-up.

SNOW MIKU 2022 collaboration[edit | edit source]

The theme song of SNOW MIKU 2022, Kimiiro Marine Snow, will be added to the game. In addition, the SNOW MIKU 2022 - Premium Present Gacha will be held. These costumes can only be worn by each corresponding VIRTUAL SINGER.

Valentine's 2022 Live[edit | edit source]

A special Valentine's Day Live will be held from February 14th until February 15th! The live will feature the members of Vivid BAD SQUAD and VIRTUAL SINGER!

Valentine's Day Login Campaign[edit | edit source]

A special Valentine's Day Login Campaign will also be held from February 14th until February 15th! By logging in to the game, you'll receive the item "Valentine's Chocolate" and 100 fragments of feelings.

Miscellaneous news[edit | edit source]

Project Sekai Championship 2022 - Spring[edit | edit source]

Merchandise[edit | edit source]

  • From GOOD SMILE COMPANY, a scale figure of Hatsune Miku in the Rose Cage costume.
  • Project Sekai-themed T-Cards have been announced! They will be available through TSUTAYA stores all across Japan starting from January 21st!
  • From Weiss Schwarz, Project Sekai Trial Deck+ and Booster Packs will be available starting from February 11th!
    • The Trial Deck+ will cost 1,650 Yen (50 cards+manual+playmat) and the Booster Pack will cost 400 Yen per pack (1 pack=9 cards)!
  • From Colorful Palette, the 2nd item from the RepColle lineup has been announced! And it's Minori's very own Sea Otter T-Shirt!
    • The T-shirt is available in M, L, and XL sizes and costs 5,940 Yen! Pre-orders are available until February 7th at 18:00 JST!

Albums and singles[edit | edit source]

Cup Noodle×Project SEKAI[edit | edit source]

Additional details about the cup-noodle themed songs in the Cup Noodle×Project SEKAI collaboration have been released.

  • The SEKAI version of "Salamander" by DECO*27 will be released in advance on March 7th
  • The SEKAI version of "Aoiro Enogu" by Kujira (sung by Miku, Shiho, and Shizuku) will be released on January 21st at 19:00 JST
  • The VIRTUAL SINGER version of "Cosmo Spice" by PinocchioP will be released on PinocchioP's channel at a later date.
  • The SEKAI version of "Cosmo Spice" (sung by Miku, Saki, and Tsukasa) will be released on Project Sekai's channel at a later date.
  • The SEKAI version of Mitchie M's song (sung by Nene, Nenerobo, Mikudayo, Len, and KAITO) will be announced/released at a later date.

A special segment on the Cup Noodle collab will be delivered through the web radio "25-ji, Night Radio de." on January 22nd/23rd at 25:00 JST. A special Cup Noodle×Project SEKAI stream will also be held on March 7th. This will be a stream where only 3,900 people can attend. Ticket can be won via campaign.

Navigation[edit | edit source]

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