Hinomori Shiho/Profile

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CV Yuki Nakashima Birthday January 8th
School Miyamasuzaka Girls Academy Height 159cm
Class 1-A
Shiho is the lone wolf type who hates interacting with people. She immerses her self in the things that she likes to do, not caring about what others around her are thinking. She used to do a lot of activities with her childhood friends and cared about them deeply, but now... Shiho is the bassist for Leo/need.
Hobbies Going to her favorite girl bands' concerts
Practicing and performing with her bass guitar
Talents Calligraphy
Favorite Food Ramen
Favorite Food
Dislikes Her older sister
Translation: VocaSphere
Location: Lesson Studio
Shiho-circle.png I'm Hinomori Shiho, Leo/need's bassist.
Shiho-circle.png ...and that's a wrap.
Now, I'll just play a quick solo and we should be good...
Shiho-circle.png That was too short, you say?
Shiho-circle.png But what else can I talk about...
Shiho-circle.png ...how I became interested in music?
Shiho-circle.png I've always liked it.
My mom is a koto instructor, and my dad plays guitar in a band.
Shiho-circle.png ...Now, what else?
Ah, you want to know why I chose to play the bass instead of the guitar?
Shiho-circle.png Because I like it. And there's a certain band that I really respect...
Shiho-circle.png The bassist for that band once said,
"The bass had the power to control the mood of the entire venue."
Shiho-circle.png That really hit home for me... and so I decided to play the bass, too.
Shiho-circle.png ...my hobbies?
Shiho-circle.png I practice playing my bass whenever I have time.
I guess I also enjoy going to concerts for the bands I like.
Shiho-circle.png As for hobbies outside of music... I don't really have any.
Shiho-circle.png For the longest time, whenever I start to like something, I'd always get completely immersed in it,
be it a picture book or video game... and right now, it's the bass.
Shiho-circle.png ...huh? My big sister?
Why do I have to talk about her?
Shiho-circle.png She's got nothing to do with the band.
Shiho-circle.png Well if I have to talk about her... I'd say she sticks out like a sore thumb
and keeps showing her face at the freshman classrooms, so I told her to stop coming by.
Shiho-circle.png It's not that I hate her or anything.
But I like to be left alone.
Shiho-circle.png Look, I'm not doing this part of the MC portion during the real show.
There's no point in talking about stuff other than music.
Shiho-circle.png Anyways, I take this band and all that we do seriously.
Shiho-circle.png I waste no time or effort
to be able to put on the best possible performance that I can.
Shiho-circle.png All the more so if it's with the four of us...
Shiho-circle.png ...nah, it's nothing.
Shiho-circle.png Alright, is that enough MC practice for today?
Shiho-circle.png It'd be a waste of time to not get in some band practice, too.
So come on, let's get to it.
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