Enjoy Flag

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Enjoy Flag
Cos0043 body.png
RomajiEnjoi Furaggu
Costume Information
Acquisition Information
Release date2020/11/09
Acquition methods
  • Card
  • Costume Shop
Associated cardLots of Blessings
Accessory & Hair Information
AccessoryUnique AccessoryUnique Hair

Enjoy Flag (エンジョイフラッグ, Enjoi Furaggu) is a costume that is unlocked with the Lots of Blessings card. It has unique accessories for Kiritani Haruka.

Variants[edit | edit source]

This costume has 4 variants. Variants 1, 2, and 3 are unlocked when the Lots of Blessings card reaches Master Ranks 1, 3, and 5. Characters other than Haruka must purchase variants of this costume from the Costume Shop to wear it.

Variant Costume Unique Accessory
Default Cos0043 body.png Cos0043 unique head.png
Variant 1 Cos0043 body 01.png Cos0043 unique head 01.png
Variant 2 Cos0043 body 02.png Cos0043 unique head 02.png
Variant 3 Cos0043 body 03.png

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