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Kusanagi Nene/Introduction

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Original[edit | edit source]

Translation: VocaSphere
Location: Phoenix Wonderland
Wonder Stage
"Welcome, one and all.
Today, we shall..."
...geez, what is it? I just started rehearsing.
...Hmph. What's wrong with NeneRobo being with me?
It's fine that I'm doing this with NeneRobo.
We always do shows together, after all.
Anyway, don't interrupt me again.
I won't get any practice in at this rate.
Sigh... alright, once more from the top.
Thank you all for coming today to watch the
Wonderlands×Showtime stage performance.
"We are Kusanagi Nene and NeneRobo of Wonderlands×Showtime."
Well, you're probably surprised to see NeneRobo...
As you can see, she's a robot who can sing and dance.
Be sure to watch our show later to see what she can do.
"Furthermore, we have some pretty weird friends."
"For one, the stage director who made me
has his head all over the place..."
"...a girl with sky-high energy levels
who's always saying 'Wonderhoi'..."
"...and the weirdest of them all, an idiot
who's always going on about becoming the world's greatest star every single day."
...Well, at least our group is weird in a good way.
As for me... I've been a member of a children's theater troupe before,
and am pretty confident in my singing ability... if only I could sing on stage, that is...
So... umm...
I think people would find our shows enjoyable to watch, so...
"...Please enjoy our shows to the very end."
...How was that?
You got a problem with it, self-proclaimed star of the future?
Well, it is self-proclaimed, so what's wrong with calling you that?
Hmm. Well, if I think up a better nickname,
I might start calling you that, but don't hold your breath.
...But you know, even the thought of
standing on stage gets me feeling overwhelmed...
...No, it's nothing.
Alright, alright, I get it.
I'll do better during the real show.
You did great too, NeneRobo.

3rd Anniversary[edit | edit source]

Location: ?
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