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Kusanagi Nene/Cards

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This page contains the list of Kusanagi Nene cards, broken down by rarity and ordered by release date.

1☆ cards[edit | edit source]

ThumbnailCard nameAttributeRelease dateSkill
Foul-Mouthed and Unsociable Cool2020-09-30Scorer

2☆ cards[edit | edit source]

ThumbnailCard nameAttributeRelease dateSkill
Wonderlands×Showtime Cool2020-09-30Healer
Wonder Cane Mysterious2020-10-31Perfect locker
With the Lessons I Learned on My Own Happy2023-01-10Scorer
Giving Support, Even When We're Apart Pure2023-05-11Perfect locker
Brand New Style Cute2023-09-30Healer
A Nervous Start? Happy2023-11-22Healer
feat. U*SA*HA*NA Cool2023-12-05Scorer
Understanding Tokiwa Gozen's Feelings Mysterious2024-05-22Scorer

3☆ cards[edit | edit source]

ThumbnailCard nameAttributeRelease dateSkill
Operating Behind the Scenes Pure2020-09-30Perfect locker
Animal-Shaped Cotton Candy ♪ Mysterious2020-12-10Healer
I Thought I Was a Goner Happy2022-01-12Scorer
Drive GO! GO! Cute2022-12-31Healer
To Get Closer to the Canary Pure2023-03-30Healer

4☆ cards[edit | edit source]

ThumbnailCard nameAttributeRelease dateStatusSkill
Gifts From the Sky Cute2020-12-20PermanentScorer
Messenger of Feelings Mysterious2021-02-28LimitedHealer
The Confidence You Gave Me Cool2021-06-11PermanentPerfect scorer
After-Party With Fireworks Pure2021-08-20PermanentPerfect locker
A Shy Visitor Happy2021-10-21PermanentPerfect scorer
Dazzling Stage of Dreams Mysterious2021-12-31Colorful Festival limitedCombo scorer
Invitation From the Little Squirrels Cute2022-04-11PermanentPerfect locker
Thank-You Gifts for Playing Together Happy2022-06-20PermanentScorer
I Won't Let the Target Get Away Cute2022-07-31LimitedHealer
A Childhood Friend's Gaze Cool2022-10-21PermanentPerfect locker
Imagining the Receiver Cool2023-01-31LimitedScorer
The Difference I Was Made Aware Of Cute2023-03-11PermanentHealer
Because I'm Not Good Enough Pure2023-05-20PermanentHealer
All of Your Sadness Happy2023-08-21PermanentPerfect locker
To Create the Best Film Pure2023-11-30LimitedScorer
Gotten Used to Preparations Happy2024-01-23PermanentHealer
Toward One's Admiration Mysterious2024-03-08LimitedPerfect locker
The Dress I've Wished For Mysterious2024-05-31LimitedScorer

Birthday cards[edit | edit source]

ThumbnailCard nameAttributeRelease dateSkill
Happy Birthday!! Pure2022-07-20Birthday scorer
Happy Birthday!! 2023 Mysterious2023-07-20Birthday scorer
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