New Year's Song Campaign (2021-2022)

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New Year's Song Campaign (行く年来る年毎日楽曲追加キャンペーン) is a song campaign held at the end of 2021 to celebrate the upcoming New Year. Everyday, a new song is added to the game. The campaign was announced on the 15th episode of the Wondershow Channel.

Song list[edit | edit source]

Release date Song Producer(s) VIRTUAL SINGER ver. singers SEKAI ver. singers MV
2021/12/28 fixer nulut flower Tenma Tsukasa, Kamishiro Rui No MV
2021/12/29 Mirai Yuukisan Hatsune Miku Azusawa Kohane, Shiraishi An, Shinonome Akito, Aoyagi Toya, Megurine Luka 3D MV
2021/12/30 Ghost Rule DECO*27 Hatsune Miku Hoshino Ichika, Hatsune Miku No MV
2021/12/31 Villain teniwoha flower Asahina Mafuyu, Akiyama Mizuki 3D MV
2022/01/01 Cendrillon 10th Anniversary orange, Dios/SignalP Hatsune Miku, KAITO N/A No MV
2022/01/02 Shoujorei MikitoP Hatsune Miku Kiritani Haruka, Hinomori Shizuku, Hatsune Miku 3D MV
2022/01/03 Garando Picon Hatsune Miku Shinonome Akito, Aoyagi Toya, Kagamine Len No MV

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