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20 Consecutive Days! Daily Song Campaign

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20 Consecutive Days! Daily Song Campaign (20日連続!毎日楽曲追加キャンペーン) was a song campaign in 2020 commemorating the release of Project SEKAI.

Song list[edit | edit source]

Release date Song Hint
2020/10/01 Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan
2020/10/02 Near
2020/10/03 Just Be Friends
2020/10/04 Dappou Rock
2020/10/05 Inochi ni Kirawarete iru.
2020/10/06 World is Mine
2020/10/07 Dance Robot Dance
2020/10/08 Hand in Hand
2020/10/09 Yobanashi Deceive
2020/10/10 Gimme×Gimme
2020/10/11 Viva Happy
2020/10/12 Junky Night Town Orchestra
2020/10/13 Miracle Paint
2020/10/14 on the rocks
2020/10/15 Keitai Renwa
2020/10/16 39 Music!
2020/10/17 Aoku Kakero!
2020/10/18 Stella
2020/10/19 Leia - Remind
2020/10/20 Jackpot Sad Girl

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