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Cheerful Carnival

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Cheerful Carnival is one of the three event types. In this event type, players are given the option to choose a group. In multiplayer, players represent and earn points for their group. Points are earned through playing Cheerful Live, which replaces Multi Live.

My Footprints, Your Destination, a Cheerful Carnival event

A cheerful carnival event can be divided into 3 sections: first midterm, second midterm, and final. After each midterm, players will receive different amounts of small live bonus drinks based on their team.

List of events[edit | edit source]

Groups[edit | edit source]

A cheerful carnival will always have two groups. The option to pick a group becomes available once the player visits the event page. After picking a group, the player will receive a costume for their virtual live avatar.

Changing groups[edit | edit source]

Players can change groups once per event. This must happen before the first midterm. To change teams, visit the stuffed bear.

Midterms and final[edit | edit source]

The final result of Intersecting Melodies, Glowing Warmth.

There are two midterms, which shows which group is in the lead. After each midterm concludes, the leading and trailing groups are announced. Members of leading group are given 3 small live bonus drinks while members of the trailing group only get 2 small live bonus drinks. After the final announcement, members of the winning group get 200 crystals, while members of the losing group get 150 crystals.

Group virtual live lobby[edit | edit source]

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