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Item Description
A currency used for the gacha

Crystals are one of the two main currencies used in Project Sekai. They can be obtained through completing tasks, doing lives, reading area conversations, and raising your rank. Players can use 300 crystals for a single pull, or 3,000 crystals for 10 pulls at once.

There is a separate system called 'paid crystals' that can be used for certain gachas. By purchasing an in-app purchases for crystals, the obtained currency will be in a separate category from the free crystals. Free crystals will be used first. Some gacha pulls can only be done with paid crystals. There is also an option to use 100 paid crystals for a gacha pull, which can only be used once per day.

Sources[edit | edit source]

  • Daily login
  • Event Shop
  • Scoring high on songs (10 for C-rank, 20 for B-rank, 30 for A-rank and 50 for S-rank)
  • Combo rewards for songs
  • Raising Character Rank
  • Raising Player Rank
  • Reading area conversations
  • Login campaigns
  • Crystal Shop
  • Survey
  • Wonderhoy Challenge (Trend #1 in Twitter during a Wondershow Channel live)
  • Compensation

Daily login[edit | edit source]

Logging in every day gives 50 crystals for the 1st day, 30 crystals for days 2-6, then 100 crystals on the 7th day. It totals to 300 crystals every 7 days.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Navigation[edit | edit source]

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