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Kamishiro Rui/Cards

From Sekaipedia

This page contains the list of Kamishiro Rui cards, broken down by rarity and ordered by release date.

1☆ cards[edit | edit source]

ThumbnailCard nameAttributeRelease dateSkill
The Laid-Back Genius Director Mysterious2020-09-30Scorer

2☆ cards[edit | edit source]

ThumbnailCard nameAttributeRelease dateSkill
Wonderlands×Showtime Pure2020-09-30Healer
Madness Beasty Cool2021-02-09Perfect locker
Rainbow☆Cast Mysterious2022-01-12Healer
Survival Challenge! Cute2022-06-20Scorer
Brand New Style Happy2023-09-30Scorer
feat. Hangyodon Pure2023-12-05Perfect locker
A Fortunate Discovery! Cute2024-03-30Healer

3☆ cards[edit | edit source]

ThumbnailCard nameAttributeRelease dateSkill
The Phantom Performer Happy2020-09-30Perfect locker
A Night of Sleeping Soundly Pure2020-12-20Scorer
Unstoppable Concepts and Outbursts Cute2021-05-10Perfect locker
Secret Weapon! Phoenix Robot Pure2023-03-11Healer
Midnight Conflict Cool2023-08-21Healer
Tengu's Swordsmanship Mysterious2024-05-22Scorer

4☆ cards[edit | edit source]

ThumbnailCard nameAttributeRelease dateStatusSkill
Unforeseen Keynotes Happy2020-10-31PermanentScorer
The Fire Within Mysterious2021-02-28PermanentPerfect scorer
Fantastic Planner Cute2021-05-31LimitedPerfect locker
The Alchemist Behind the Scenes Pure2021-08-20PermanentHealer
Longing for the Old Days Happy2021-10-21PermanentPerfect locker
Endless Imagination and Challenges Cool2021-12-31Colorful Festival limitedLife scorer
Appreciate That Spirit of Yours Cute2022-04-11PermanentHealer
Twilight's Brilliance Cool2022-05-10PermanentScorer
The Words Thrown at Me Pure2022-09-30LimitedPerfect locker
Blowing in the Evening Breeze Cool2022-10-21PermanentPerfect scorer
I Can't Afford to Lose Mysterious2023-01-10PermanentScorer
An Abrupt Ordeal Mysterious2023-02-28LimitedHealer
I'll Always Be Here if You Need Someone to Talk To Pure2023-05-20PermanentPerfect scorer
Something Left in My Heart Happy2023-06-30LimitedHealer
Evening Discussion Cool2023-09-20PermanentScorer
Tickled Curiosity Mysterious2023-11-22PermanentHealer
Overheard Words Happy2024-01-23PermanentPerfect locker
Returning the Greeting Cute2024-03-08LimitedPerfect locker

Birthday cards[edit | edit source]

ThumbnailCard nameAttributeRelease dateSkill
Happy Birthday!! Mysterious2022-06-24Birthday scorer
Happy Birthday!! 2023 Cool2023-06-24Birthday scorer
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