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This page contains the list of Tenma Tsukasa cards, broken down by rarity and ordered by release date.

1☆ cards[edit | edit source]

ThumbnailCard nameAttributeRelease dateSkill
Tsukasa 1 thumbnail.pngI Shall Be a Star in Due Time!Icon attribute happy.png Happy2020-09-30Scorer

2☆ cards[edit | edit source]

ThumbnailCard nameAttributeRelease dateSkill
Tsukasa 2 thumbnail.pngWonderlands×ShowtimeIcon attribute cute.png Cute2020-09-30Perfect locker
Tsukasa 6 thumbnail.pngA New Year Celebrated by AllIcon attribute pure.png Pure2020-12-31Scorer
Tsukasa 8 thumbnail.pngBalloon PresenterIcon attribute happy.png Happy2021-02-28Healer

3☆ cards[edit | edit source]

ThumbnailCard nameAttributeRelease dateSkill
Tsukasa 3 thumbnail.pngHello From the Mascot Costume!Icon attribute mysterious.png Mysterious2020-09-30Scorer
Tsukasa 7 thumbnail.pngLet Me Introduce You!!Icon attribute cool.png Cool2021-02-09Scorer
Tsukasa 12 thumbnail.pngAn Officer's CrisisIcon attribute happy.png Happy2021-10-21Healer
Tsukasa 20 thumbnail.pngNever Give UpIcon attribute pure.png Pure2023-01-10Healer

4☆ cards[edit | edit source]

ThumbnailCard nameAttributeRelease dateStatusSkillCostume
Tsukasa 4 thumbnail.pngNerve-Wracking!? Zombie Panic!Icon attribute happy.png Happy2020-10-31PermanentHealerThe Formal Star
Tsukasa 5 thumbnail.pngI'm the Leading Actor!Icon attribute mysterious.png Mysterious2020-12-10PermanentPerfect scorer
Tsukasa 9 thumbnail.pngBig Brother's AgonyIcon attribute pure.png Pure2021-03-10PermanentScorerTraditional Pegasus
Tsukasa 10 thumbnail.pngThe Outcome of a ChoiceIcon attribute cool.png Cool2021-06-11PermanentScorerKing of Smile
Tsukasa 11 thumbnail.pngBackstage EncouragementIcon attribute pure.png Pure2021-10-01LimitedPerfect lockerPure Flower Tuxedo
Tsukasa 13 thumbnail.pngDance! And! Sing!Icon attribute cool.png Cool2022-01-12PermanentPerfect lockerWaffle Ambassador
Tsukasa 14 thumbnail.pngA Sudden Trouble Meeting!?Icon attribute mysterious.png Mysterious2022-02-28LimitedHealerChivalrous Chevalier
Tsukasa 15 thumbnail.pngStar MelodyIcon attribute cute.png Cute2022-04-11PermanentPerfect scorerÉclat Etoile
Tsukasa 17 thumbnail.pngA Persistent Game of TagIcon attribute happy.png Happy2022-06-20PermanentPerfect lockerPassionable Kivis
Tsukasa 18 thumbnail.pngA Rush of ExcitementIcon attribute cool.png Cool2022-10-21PermanentHealerAdvance Tuxedo
Tsukasa 19 thumbnail.pngMan of the Joyous New YearIcon attribute mysterious.png Mysterious2022-12-31LimitedScorerThe Soaring Dragon God's Garments
Tsukasa 21 thumbnail.pngA Phoenix Seen in Those Blurry EyesIcon attribute cute.png Cute2023-03-11PermanentScorerFearless Clown

Birthday card[edit | edit source]

ThumbnailCard nameAttributeRelease dateSkill
Tsukasa 16 thumbnail.pngHappy Birthday!!Icon attribute happy.png Happy2022-05-17Birthday scorer

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