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Tenma Tsukasa

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Other languages:
Tenma Tsukasa
RomajiTenma Tsukasa
EnglishTsukasa Tenma
BirthdayMay 17
Height173 cm
SchoolKamiyama High School (Class 3-C)
  • Watching musicals
  • Making outfits
  • Being able to strike a cool pose at any given moment
  • Playing the piano
  • Bugs (especially centipedes)
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"This man is destined to be a star!"
―Tenma Tsukasa (Original)

"This is the prologue to Wonderlands x Showtime's new chapter!"
―Tenma Tsukasa (Brand New World)

Tenma Tsukasa (天馬 司) is third-year student at Kamiyama High School. He's part of the musical show unit Wonderlands×Showtime.

Character Bio[edit | edit source]

"Tsukasa has bucketloads of confidence and loves to be the center of attention, although he easily gets carried away. A theater show he saw as a kid impressed him so much that he made it his ultimate goal to become the greatest star in the world. He's a supportive brother to his frail sister, Saki."

Background[edit | edit source]

Ever since Tsukasa watched a show performed by his favorite theater troupe, he's dreamed of becoming the star of a world-class show. At some point, he was hired to work part-time at a theme park, but the Phoenix Wonderland Stage he got assigned to drew in no customers. One day he meets Otori Emu, who wants to revive the stage to its former glory.

He also takes care of his younger sister, Tenma Saki, who was born with a weak body that has kept her in the hospital for most of her life.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Tsukasa has orange-yellow eyes and short scruffy blonde hair with darker tips.

Original[edit | edit source]

His casual outfit consisted of a blue blazer with a sunfish embroidered onto it.

He wore his school uniform with a yellow cardigan, like his sister.

His show outfit consisted of a short, white, high-collar coat with a two-layered cravat. The collar, lapel, sleeve cuffs, and sides of the coat were blue with a silver/gold rim. A frilled fabric, blue on the top and yellow on the inside, extended from his left side. He wore black pants and knee-high boots.

Brand New World[edit | edit source]

Tsukasa has three outfits as of Brand New World.

His unit outfit consists of a white jacket with blue accents and a blue cape on his right shoulder, a black dress shirt, a white tie, and a yellow pinstriped vest. He wears white trousers, and tall blue boots.

His casual outfit consists of a white and blue button-down shirt under a dark blue sweater vest, with brown pants.

His school outfit is the standard male Kamiyama High School uniform with a tie, with a tan sweater beneath his suit jacket.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Tsukasa is very confident. He often shows off and has a tendency to get caught up in the moment. He's also a reliable older brother towards Saki, often taking caring of her. Despite his outer confidence, he tends to feel like he isn't good enough to pursue stardom and that there's still a hard road before he reaches his goal.

In On the Stage of Dazzling Light, when Tsukasa struggled to understand the character that he was playing, he goes to Toya to ask for advice. It is revealed that as a child, he would play the piano for Saki, playing the tune of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. When Saki was hospitalized again, Tsukasa felt lonely in the house, with his parents always out. He would still play the same tune he had played for Saki on the piano. He finally understood the character he was playing and put on a great show.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Otori Emu: Fellow group member. Emu was the one who roped Tsukasa into helping her restore the Phoenix Wonderland Stage after hearing his audition. They're working together to restore the Phoenix Wonderland Stage to its former glory, but Tsukasa thinks she never listens to anyone. They both want to make people smile, and Emu says that he reminds her of her passed away grandpa. They both are seen to want to help each other when one is having a tough time.
  • Kusanagi Nene: Fellow group member. Nene thinks he's too loud, but she admires his big brother qualities. These two often bicker with each other but often resolve their differences quickly.
  • Kamishiro Rui: Fellow group member. Tsukasa thinks he's cool, but a bit of an eccentric with his insane ideas. However, he trusts Rui to be a dependable director for WxS.
  • Tenma Saki: Younger sister. She was born with a weak body so Tsukasa takes care of her. Saki was Tsukasa's first inspiration to become a star after seeing how much Saki smiled when she watched a play when they were younger. When she was in the hospital, Tsukasa performed shows there for here to cheer her up.
  • Hinomori Shizuku: Childhood friend who still stay in touch. They originally met due to Saki's and Shiho's friendship, as the two would always play together (along with Honami and Ichika) and bring their older siblings along to watch them. They meet again in Beyond Prayers, The Tomorrow We Wish For Is...
  • Shiraishi An: Aquaintances. An is a hall monitor at their school, Kamiyama High, and constantly has to deal with Tsukasa and Rui testing weird inventions.
  • Shinonome Akito: Friends(?). Akito is constantly annoyed by Tsukasa's loud boastings of becoming a star, and plays pranks on him. In the event The Gentleman Thief's Thrilling White Day!? Akito, along with Mizuki, helps Tsukasa. 'On the Stage of Dazzling Light,' Akito comments that Tsukasa acts well.
  • Aoyagi Toya: Friends. Toya came over to the Tenmas' house a lot when they were little, and always looked up to Tsukasa. Tsukasa helped encourage Toya to do what he wanted to do. Tsukasa views their relationship close to that of siblings.
  • Akiyama Mizuki: Mizuki likes to talk to Tsukasa when they come to school. In the 'The Gentleman Thief's Thrilling White Day!?' event, Mizuki volunteers to help Tsukasa and drags Akito along.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tsukasa is one of the five group leaders in the game.
  • He is skilled at sewing and even made his own costume.
  • His mother is a piano teacher, which explains why Tsukasa's special skill is playing piano.
  • He is terrified of bugs, especially centipedes and millipedes.
  • His special number is 88. (This is also the amount of keys on a piano, and the amount of constellations in the sky.)
  • Both Tsukasa and Tenma Saki have a special connection to the song "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" as Tsukasa used to practice it on the piano when Saki was sick in the hospital.

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