Captivated by Cuteness

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Captivated by Cuteness
RomajiKyuuto ni Me o Ubawarete
Card Information
Card ID443
Character Momoi Airi
Attribute Cute
Acquisition Information
Release date2022/05/31
Acquisition methods
  • Event Exchange Shop
  • Gacha
  • Member Exchange Shop
Associated eventWishing for Your Happiness Upon the Blue Sky!
Debut gachaMilky Way in the Twinkling Night Sky Gacha

Captivated by Cuteness (キュートに目を奪われて, Kyuuto ni Me o Ubawarete) is Momoi Airi's 16th card. It is a 3☆ cute card that was purchasable in the Event Shop of the Wishing for Your Happiness Upon the Blue Sky! event.

Skill[edit | edit source]

This card has the scorer skill.

Skill name[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: いろいろな形の幸せ
  • Romaji: Iroiro na Katachi no Shiawase
  • English: Happiness in Many Shapes and Forms

Skill effect[edit | edit source]

  • Level 1: 60% score boost for 5 seconds.
  • Level 2: 65% score boost for 5 seconds.
  • Level 3: 70% score boost for 5 seconds.
  • Level 4: 80% score boost for 5 seconds.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Main stats[edit | edit source]

Level 1Level 50

Additional stats[edit | edit source]

  • Side Story 1 Unlocked: +600
  • Side Story 2 Unlocked: +1500
  • Each Master Rank: +450

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Use in events[edit | edit source]

This card gave +50% event bonus in the following events:

Update history[edit | edit source]

January 10, 2023

May 31, 2022

  • Added to the game.

Navigation[edit | edit source]

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