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Gachas are a way for players to acquire more cards. New gachas are typically introduced with new events; the rate-up cards in these gachas will have both the character and attribute bonuses for these events.

List of gachas[edit | edit source]

Types[edit | edit source]

  • Permanent
  • Limited
  • Colorful Festival
  • Birthday
  • Premium Present
  • Select List
  • Memorial Select
  • Guaranteed 4☆
  • Attribute/Event Bonus
  • Happiness Package Gacha

Permanent[edit | edit source]

Gachas of the "permanent" type contain 4☆ permanent cards, which are all added to the general gacha pool. This means that these cards can be acquired from any gacha that uses this pool. The 4☆ rate in this type of gacha is 3%, however, a pity system guarantees certain 4☆ cards once the pull requirement is met. Permanent gachas can also be sparked, and doing so requires 300 permanent gacha seals or its equivalent.

Limited[edit | edit source]

Gachas of the "limited" type contain 4☆ limited cards, which are not added to the general gacha pool. This means that these cards cannot be acquired in any other gacha. The 4☆ rate of limited gachas is 3% and there is no pity system. However, there is still the spark system that requires 300 limited gacha seals or its equivalent.

Limited gachas used to contain 2 limited cards and 1 permanent card, however this was changed so they only contain limited cards. The last limited gacha to contain a permanent card was Overlapping Feelings―Words Snow Gacha. These permanent cards were sparkable with permanent gacha seals instead of limited gacha seals.

Colorful Festival[edit | edit source]

Gachas of the "Colorful Festival" type have 4☆ rates of 6% instead of the usual 3%. This type of gacha has a spark system but not a pity system.

The types of cards this gacha contains varied over time. The first two Colorful Festivals, Entering 2021 - Colorful Festival Gacha and Leaving 2020 - Colorful Festival Gacha, contained only permanent cards. The 3rd and 4th Colorful Festivals, Half-Anniversary Commemoration Colorful Festival Gacha and Colorful Festival Gacha (June 2021), introduced a new type of card, Colorful Festival limited. These cards have unique skills, the accuracy scorer and life scorer skills. In addition, these cards are added to the Colorful Festival gacha pool, as opposed to the general gacha pool, so they can only be pulled in future Colorful Festivals. The Side Stories of these cards also feature Fragment Sekais that characters will travel to in order to resolve strong feelings they're having. Starting with the 1st Anniversary - Colorful Festival Gacha, Colorful Festivals now incorporate the event cards normally found on gachas that run alongside events.

Colorful Festival Dream Pick[edit | edit source]

The "Colorful Festival Dream Pick" type is a special case of the "Colorful Festival" type and allows players to choose 1 Colorful Festival limited and 3 permanent cards (out of a certain pool of cards) as a part of the rate up cards.

Birthday and anniversary[edit | edit source]

Gachas of the "birthday" (or anniversary for virtual singers) type introduce a new type of card, the birthday card. This type of card is only available on the gacha it debuted in, or the rerun of that gacha. In addition, the birthday card rate is 3% and replaces the 4☆ card rate, while keeping the rates of the other rarities the same. This gacha is sparkable using a unique seal type, Birthday gacha seals, but there is no pity. Finally, birthday/anniversary gachas are limited to 100 pulls.

The only cards available in this gacha are cards associated with a certain character. For example, in HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gacha - Kiritani Haruka, only Haruka's 2*, 3*, and birthday card are in the gacha pool. 4* cards of that character are not included in the pool.

Premium Present[edit | edit source]

Gachas of the "Premium Present" type contain only permanent cards. The 4☆ rate is 3%, but there is no pity or spark system. In addition, this gacha can only be pulled once. Players who do pull in this gacha will receive all of the Premium Present costumes for that gacha.

Select List[edit | edit source]

Gachas of the "Select List" type allows players to pick 10 permanent 4☆ cards (within a certain pool). Once a player pulls on a Select List gacha, they will be guaranteed 1 of the 10 cards they picked. These gachas may only be pulled once, and require 3000 paid crystals.

Memorial Select[edit | edit source]

Gachas of the "Memorial Select" type allows players to pull once with 3000 paid crystals. The 4☆ rate is 3% and has no sparking or pity system, but after pulling on this gacha, players will recieve a 4☆ Select Voucher. Vouchers recieved from the gacha can be exchanged in the Character Exchange menu where players can select to recieve a permanent 4☆ card. Certain 4☆ cards are not elligible for exchange.

Guaranteed 4☆[edit | edit source]

Gachas of the "Guaranteed 4☆" allow players to pull once with 3000 paid crystals and receive at least one random permanent 4☆ card.

Happiness Package[edit | edit source]

Gachas of the "Happiness Package" type guarantee a 4☆ permanent card (within a certain gacha pool), but may only be pulled once and require 3000 paid crystals. In addition to the guaranteed 4☆, players can choose between 1 pure crystal of feelings, 150 song cards, 600 miracle gems, 900 magic cloth and 90 magic thread, 150 mysterious seeds, 60 intermediate skill up score, or 3000000 coins.

Attribute/Event Bonus[edit | edit source]

Gachas of the "Attribute/Event Bonus" type contain permanent cards (containing current event rate up cards) with a rate-up towards cards of atleast 25% event bonus to the current event active. These gachas share the same gacha seals as the current event gacha and can be used intertwiningly. There is no pity in these gachas.

These gachas are no longer available and were discontinued since the Cherry Blossom Across Sekai, Interconnecting Our Feelings event.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Flip[edit | edit source]

When pulling on a gacha, a animation will be played which signifies whether or not a pull contains a 2☆, 3☆ or 4☆. Flips only occur during 3☆ pulls.

On rarer ocasions during 3☆ pulls, a flip animation will be triggered when Miku lands the floor during the animation. The floor should be blue instead of yellow when a flip occurs. When a flip animation is triggered, it signifies that the pull will contain atleast one 4☆. Flips can occur in both 1-pulls and 10-pulls and on any gacha.

Before it was changed, the flip animation would instead be signified by the colour of the triangles (blue/pink as 4☆, yellow as 3☆).

Pity[edit | edit source]

In permanent gachas (gachas that use the green seal to spark), there is a pity system that guarantees a 4☆ card once a certain number of points is reached. At 50 points, any 4☆ card available on that gacha is guaranteed. At 100 points, one of the rate-up cards for that gacha will be guaranteed. To get points, pull on the banner. For every pull only using paid crystals, players will get 1 point toward their pity meter. For all other pulls, players will only get 0.5 points toward their pity meter. This means that if there a pull that uses both free and paid crystals, that pull will only contribute 0.5 points towards the pity meter. For 10-pulls, treat each of the pulls in the 10-pull as a singular pull to calculate points.

Spark[edit | edit source]

Rate-up cards can be sparked on their gachas by using 300 seals. Seals are earned by pulling on the gacha; each pull gives the player one seal. Players may optionally use up to 10 seal exchange tickets to lower the number of seals needed to spark, with each seal exchange ticket counting as as 10 seals.

If a player has 1 seal exchange ticket, they will only need 290 seals to spark. With 2 seal exchange tickets, only 280 seals are needed to spark, and so on. If a player has 10 seal exchange tickets, they will only need 200 seals, in other words, 200 pulls, in a gacha to spark a card.

Apart from a few exceptions, seals are not shared between gachas; pulling on one gacha does not provide seals for another. The exception is when there is a Colorful Festival gacha that runs before a limited gacha for an event. That Colorful Festival gacha will also contain event cards in the rate up pool. In addition, the duration of the limited gacha following the Colorful Festival one will be ran for a shorter period of time compared to normal.

Note that permanent gachas, limited gachas, and birthday gachas all have different seals. Similarly, the seal exchange tickets also have permanent and limited versions. Permanent cards on permanent gachas only accept permanent seal exchange tickets, while permanent cards on limited gachas can accept permanent or limited seal exchange tickets. However, limited cards only accept limited seal exchange tickets and birthday cards have no tickets available at all.

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