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Classroom Sekai (教室のセカイ, Kyooshitsu no Sekai) is Leo/need's Sekai, created through the feelings of Ichika, Saki, Honami, and Shiho.
It is accessible via the song "NeedLe".

Ichika, Saki, Honami, Shiho, Miku, Rin, Len, Luka, MEIKO, and KAITO have conversations here. Additionally, area items that increase the power of Leo/need and VIRTUAL SINGER cards can be found here.

Bright sunlight streams through windows on the left side of a mostly empty classroom. Desks and chairs are shoved against the far wall, while the chalkboard has a radial pattern.
Classroom Sekai

The Sekai is modelled after a Japanese school, with the main area and entry point being one of the classrooms. Miku and Luka reside there, waiting for the members of Leo/need to visit.

This main classroom has desks and chairs stacked up and pushed against the walls, a star chart is drawn on the blackboard, and musical instruments for each inhabitant of the Sekai are placed around the room.
Classroom Sekai does, however, extend beyond this main classroom into an entire school. Other known areas include a rooftop area, where the time of day shifts to night and the stars are visible, and hallways, with more classrooms visible and down the halls. There has also been mentions of a music room within the school.

No students reside in the school, other than the members of Leo/need and the VIRTUAL SINGERs.

Area Items[edit | edit source]

Icon Name For Attribute
Miku CDs (ミクのCD) Hoshino Ichika
Phenny Plushie (フェニーのぬいぐるみ) Tenma Saki
Stargazing Guide (星空図鑑) Mochizuki Honami
Shiho's Bass Guitar (志歩のベース) Hinomori Shiho
Miku's Guitar (ミクのギター) Hatsune Miku
Luka's Bass Guitar (ルカのベース) Megurine Luka
Telescope (天体望遠鏡) Leo/need
Group Photo (4人の写真) Leo/need
Music Speakers (ミュージックスピーカー) VIRTUAL SINGER

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