Miyamasuzaka Girls Academy

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Miyamasuzaka Girls Academy (宮益坂女子学園) is an all-girls high school found in the real world of Project SEKAI. It contains various area conversations and attribute area items. It is also the setting for many stories.

The courtyard of a four story high brick school building. Trees, benches, and flowerbeds dot the area.
Miyamasuzaka Girls Academy

Students[edit | edit source]

First Year
Class Students
1-A ShihoMinoriKohane
1-B HonamiEmu
1-C IchikaSakiHaruka
2-B Mafuyu
2-D AiriShizuku
Second Year
Class Students
2-A IchikaHonamiKohane
2-B SakiShihoEmu
2-C MinoriHaruka
3-B Mafuyu
3-E AiriShizuku

Area items[edit | edit source]

Icon Name For
Cool Flowers (クールフラワー) Cool cards
Cute Flowers (キュートフラワー) Cute cards
Pure Flowers (ピュアフラワー) Pure cards
Happy Flowers (ハッピーフラワー) Happy cards
Mysterious Flowers (ミステリアスフラワー) Mysterious cards