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Wonderland Sekai (ワンダーランドのセカイ, Wandaarando no Sekai) is Wonderlands×Showtime's Sekai, initially created by the feelings of Tsukasa.
It is accessible via the song "The World Hasn't Even Started Yet".

Tsukasa, Emu, Nene, Rui, Miku, Rin, Len, Luka, MEIKO, and KAITO have area conversations here. Additionally, area items that increase the power of Wonderlands×Showtime and VIRTUAL SINGER cards can be found here.

Bright colors frame a fantastical hodgepodge of ideas; including a floating train, ferris wheel, a massive show tent, and more buildings.
Wonderland Sekai
Wonderland Sekai Harbor

The Sekai is a theme park, with the main area and entry point being a large plaza. Troupe leader KAITO and his helper Miku put on shows each day for the Sekai's sentient stuffed animals to enjoy.

The main plaza of the theme park and are greeted with a view of the ferris wheel, a flying train, a floating merry-go-round, a perpetual Aurora Borealis, pink clouds and the main circus tent. Within the main circus tent is a stage surrounded by rows of seats, where KAITO's troupe puts on shows each day. Dark blue canopies drape across the interior of the tent, with rows of lights along the edges and star shaped lights hanging down making the top of the tent reminiscent of a starry sky.

The Sekai is inhabited by sentient stuffed animals. One of these sentient plushies is a direct copy of a bunny plushie Saki owned when she was a child that Tsukasa would often use when he play-acted shows for her. The elements within the Sekai often shift to mirror Tsukasa's true feelings - the singing flowers sing a song familiar to him, the plushies have arguments that mirror conflicts in Tsukasa's life, and so on.

With time, the Sekai reflects the other members of Wonderlands×Showtime feelings alongside Tsukasa's.

Areas[edit | edit source]

Main[edit | edit source]

The main area of the Wonderland Sekai is automatically unlocked straight away and was previously the only visible section of the Sekai from the World Map. It contains area conversations as well as the area items shop where players can purchase and upgrade items that increase the stats of specific character cards.

Harbor[edit | edit source]

The Harbor (港) area of Wonderland Sekai is unlocked by reading every episode of the "Keep It Steady, Let's Aim for the Star!" event story - which is also the story it is first introduced in and discovered by the Wonderlands×Showtime members. It is an extension of the Sekai based on the growing feelings of the members.

As opposed to the main area of the Sekai, the harbor doesn't have any area items, nor an area item shop, but it does have its own area conversations between the members.

Area Items[edit | edit source]

Icon Name For Attribute
Statue of a Star (ショースターの銅像) Tenma Tsukasa
Mini Model (ミニチュア) Otori Emu
Singing Robot (歌うロボット) Kusanagi Nene
Show Kit (Drones Incl.) (ドローン入りのショー道具) Kamishiro Rui
Miku? Mascot (ミク?のきぐるみ) Hatsune Miku
Showman's Baton (座長のショーステッキ) KAITO
Parade Float (パレードフロート) Wonderlands×Showtime
Show Flag (ショーフラッグ) Wonderlands×Showtime
Music Speakers (ミュージックスピーカー) VIRTUAL SINGER

Navigation[edit | edit source]

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