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Kamiyama High School

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Kamiyama High School (神山高校) is a co-ed high school found in the real world of Project SEKAI. It contains various area conversations and attribute area items. It is also the setting for many stories.

The facade of a modern school building with low planter boxes in the left foreground and the curve of a track in the right foreground
Kamiyama High School

Students[edit | edit source]

First Year
Class Students
1-A AnMizuki
1-B ToyaNene
1-C Akito
2-A Tsukasa
2-B Rui
2-D Ena
Second Year
Class Students
2-A AnAkitoNene
2-B ToyaMizuki
3-C RuiTsukasa
3-D Ena

Area items[edit | edit source]

Icon Name For Attribute
Cool Berries (クールベリー) Cool cards
Cute Cherries (キュートチェリー) Cute cards
Pure Apples (ピュアアップル) Pure cards
Happy Oranges (ハッピーオレンジ) Happy cards
Mysterious Grapes (ミステリアスグレープ) Mysterious cards

Navigation[edit | edit source]

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