Positive Flower

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Positive Flower
RomajiPojitibu Furawaa
Card Information
Card ID164
Character Hanasato Minori
Attribute Pure
Acquisition Information
Release date2021/01/21
Acquisition methods
  • Event Exchange Shop
  • Gacha
  • Member Exchange Shop
Associated eventColor of Myself!
Debut gacha1st Anniversary - Colorful Festival Gacha

Positive Flower (ポジティブ・フラワー, Pojitibu Furawaa) is Hanasato Minori's 5th card. It is a 2☆ pure card that was purchasable in the Event Exchange Shop of the Color of Myself! event. This card was introduced to the gacha pool with the release of the 1st Anniversary - Colorful Festival Gacha. Other than pulling in gachas, players are able to acquire this card by exchanging for it in the Member Exchange Shop with 2 gacha seal exchange tickets.

Skill[edit | edit source]

This card has the healer skill.

Skill name[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: その背中を追いかけて
  • Romaji: Sono Senaka o Oikakete
  • English: Chasing After That Back

Skill effect[edit | edit source]

  • Level 1: Recover 150 life; 10% score boost for 5 seconds.
  • Level 2: Recover 200 life; 15% score boost for 5 seconds.
  • Level 3: Recover 250 life; 20% score boost for 5 seconds.
  • Level 4: Recover 300 life; 30% score boost for 5 seconds.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Main stats[edit | edit source]

Level 1Level 30

Additional stats[edit | edit source]

  • Side Story 1 Unlocked: +450
  • Side Story 2 Unlocked: +900
  • Each Master Rank: +300

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Use in events[edit | edit source]

This card gave +50% event bonus in the following events:

Update history[edit | edit source]

September 30, 2021

January 21, 2021

  • Added to the game.

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